CAT Week

CAT Week: 25 Mar – 1 Apr 2017 with Angie @gamercrafting

Hello everyone, Angie @gamercrafting here!

I’ve chosen #craftastherapy_kindness as the theme for this week because the world feels very divisive and angry lately. I want to focus on kindness: being kind to yourself, a loved one, or a stranger. Show me your makes for charity, for friends & family, and for yourself. After all, we need to be kind to ourselves first if we’re to be kind to others. πŸ’•

Here’s a story in the #craftastherapy_kindness tag that made me cry this morning: @nailyaplaskeydesigns is having a Ravelry sale and donating all the money to a family in her community who is struggling, because one of them was stricken with cancer. Please help her help another family, it’s absolutely the spirit of this amazing community.

Clockwise from top left – @nattynadycrochet,  @kamalicrochet, @bloomthreads & @blissboundcrochet

I’m loving these makes meant for loved ones in the #craftastherapy_kindness tag today!

Keep posting your gorgeous and kind projects!

I couldn’t help but share this snap from @tlyarncrafts in the #craftastherapy_kindness tag this afternoon! Not only is she an amazing crafter, she emanates kindness and helpfulness.

Clockwise from top left – @Soldenochedecocrochet, @zipzipdreams, @siempre.oveja & @ella_makes

Many times, crafting for others means making new friends for little ones. Loving these plushie pals in the #craftastherapy_kindness tag today!

Clockwise from top left – @crysthalart, @geekirumi, @kehribar_hobiatolyesi & @stria.marty

Good morning! Loving these makes in the #craftastherapy_kindness tag this morning, so fresh and fun. I’ll be sharing some stuff from the main tag today too!

Show their feeds some love and kindness πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•
Regrammed from @by_tanja in the #craftastherapy_kindness feed: her gorgeous handmade invitations are so unbelievably gorgeous, like this one! Head to her feed and show her some love. Another grid coming up soon!

Clockwise from top left – @lisasattik, @mushrump.crochet, @olivesandpickles & @ring_beller

I woke up this morning, you were on my mind…🎢 So i strolled through the #craftastherapy tag during my morning coffee! Meet these makers who prove it IS easy being green! 

Check their feeds and show them some love! I’ll be posting more grids later today! πŸ’•

Clockwise from top left – @ja_ma_ka, @bsvitlana, @alegriahechaamano & @yiskadev

More gorgeous posts from the #craftastherapy_kindness tag! 

Show these lovely makers some kindness and love πŸ’•
Clockwise from top left – @bigt_and_littlel, @lemonadecraftshappy, @theartrist & @threebagsfullcrochet

I couldn’t resist sharing another grid before my tenure as moderator ends! These pastel beauties from the #craftastherapy tag are really brightening up my morning. Show the makers some kindness and love: 

I’ll be back soon to introduce your new moderator! πŸ’•


I have to say goodbye for now my friends, but I have the honour of introducing Natalie of @littlecosythings for this week! She’s as friendly and helpful as she is talented and kind, and I just know you’ll have a fabulous week with her πŸ’•πŸ’•

Until next time! πŸ’•

Angie (@gamercrafting)

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