CAT Crafter Interview – Svitlana @bsvitlana

Interview with CAT crafter – Svitlana @bsvitlana

Where do you live?: I am Ukrainian 🇺🇦 currently living in Dammam, Eastern province, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia 🐫
What craft is your therapy?: Crocheting is my therapy 💝

How long have you been crafting for?: I have been crafting for 2 years

Tea or coffee?: Herbal tea 🌿

Favourite quote: Trust in God with all your heart.

Your CAT story: I admired crocheting and delicate lace work, since I was a kid, but didn’t have anybody around to teach me. When I got pregnant I was staying most of the time indoors, living in Saudi Arabia you can’t go out as frequently as you want because of some cultural issues and also climate (especially in summer it’s extremely hot).

So I decided instead of getting depressed to make childhood dream to come true: found few videos on YouTube and started learning to crochet. I love to learn and to make handmade things and crocheting has it all.


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