CAT Week

CAT Week: 1 – 8 April 2017 with Nat @littlecosythings

Hi lovelies πŸ‘‹ it’s Nat @littlecosythings & Happy Monday!! Thank you so much to our dear Angie @gamercrafting for another inspiring week!

I have been thinking & thinking of a theme for this week & i couldn’t decide πŸ˜₯so i’m going back to an oldie fave of mine – #craftastherapy_flashyourcraftstash 😍😍 we’ve done it before,& it was lots of fun! Whether you stash is big or small, buttons or fabric or yarn.. maybe knitting needles, or paint brushes.. if you have a craft stash we want to see it! Even if you’re just feeding your stash, feel free to share!

And of course, please keep sharing your crafty makes with us using #craftastherapy 😁

Ok Monday, let’s do this! See you soon!

Clockwise from top left – @woodsandwool, @stephyikk, @hoobbylique & @basmaentari 

Roses are RED, some yarn is blue… please go visit these crafters, they will inspire you! 😍 Yep don’t worry, think i’ll give up on the poetry & stick with crochet… πŸ˜‰

i’ll be back later to flash our first stashes 😜

πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Alia @thelittlebeenz flashing her yarn stash for this weeks theme #craftastherapy_flashyourcraftstash πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ oh how i LOVE this!! Well i did ask everyone to flash their stash after all πŸ˜‰πŸ˜œ

Thank you so much lovely Alia @thelittlebeenz what a perfect giggle for a Monday 😜😘 & THE best way to introduce this weeks theme!!

Clockwise from top left – @hey_sweetpea @ceriseworld @studio.silver.lining @sallywassa & @2curlycats

ORANGE – stimulates activity & appetite. Orange also encourages socialisation! 🍊

Do you like orange?

Now orange you happy to see these? 🍊😍

Clockwise from top left – @spincushions, @gamercrafting @pandagourgh & @bohobabyheaven

*drool* 🀀😍 yarn stashes.. squishy yarn stashes.. #craftastherapy_flashyourcraftstash is this weeks theme 🀀

Keep flashing those stashes.. big or small, we love them all.

Clockwise from top left – @lauraalgarra @knitpurlhook @honeyandthebadgerembroidery & @birfistikannesi ⭐️

YELLOW shines with optimism, enlightment & happiness. Shades of golden yellow carry the promise of a positive future. And yellow will spark the creative process. 

Why don’t you go over to their pages & say yellow πŸ‘‹πŸ˜‰

Clockwise from top left – @ihan_oikea_blogi, @alittlevintagedoll, @zipzipdreams & @fluorlight1

This is beautiful creativity just waiting to be unleashed. What will they become? With every stitch slowly they will transform.. see, its not just a craft stash, oh no.. it’s magic ✨✨

Thank you for flashing your craft stash & joining in this weeks theme – #craftastherapy_flashyourcraftstash there’s still PLENTY of time to share! We are just getting started.

Clockwise from top left – @trendypuku @deannedoll @luwuxp @ateliermajesta & @yarnrepublic πŸ’š

GREEN is the most common colour in the natural world, & after blue, it’s the most common favourite colour! πŸ’š hands up if you’re a green lover!
How gorgeous are these green makes from #craftastherapy?! No need to be green with envy though, just go say yellow to the makers now πŸ˜‰

Clockwise from top left – @teachreadcrochet @craftn_crochet @vividkreations & @tinycurl 🌈❀

ALL the colours!!! Rainbow yarn stashes 🌈😍 i have never wanted to reach into my phone more than i do right now!

Hope your day has been filled with rainbows! 😘

Clockwise from top left – @crochetgirl99 @thecraftyg @threddyfreddy @daringbearknits & @miraclecrochet

BLUE is the number one most favourited colour. Blue invokes rest, & causes the body to produce chemicals that are calming! πŸ’™

So why not pop over & thank these makers for their calming vibes πŸ˜‰πŸ’™

Clockwise from top left – @sweet_sharna @ella_makes @cozamundo @crochetwihme & @stitchgwen

Organised squishy stashes 😍 how do you store your craft stash? Mine is shoved into every available cabinet, shelf, drawer 😬 at the moment, & then there is the 10+ @sunjellies bags with more yarn & wips! Walk in wardrobe? Pfft.. walk in craft stash cupboard πŸ™Špoor hubby!

My dream is a vintage style cabinet like this one from @sweet_sharna 😍 or a hidden treasure bench like @stitchgwen! And such cute gorgeous little houses of yarn stashy goodness from @ella_makes, @cozamundo & @crochetwithme (i spy a huge crochet hook there too! 😍).

Clockwise from top left – @fifiloucrochet @millefleurs13 @bugaflycreations @astrichintiadewi & @marie_crochete

PURPLE embodies the balance of reds stimulation, & blues calm. Purple is often liked by the very creative or eccentric types… πŸ’œ well purple should fit right in here then!

And here are some very creative makes from #craftastherapy πŸ’œ

Clockwise from top left – @myrosevalley @neverjillian @missellymade & @crochetbyredagape

Home is where the craft stash is ❀ thank you for sharing your homes & stashes with us this week!

Our last flashing of stashes, aren’t they just drool worthy 🀀😍 thank you for sharing with us!

Clockwise from top left – @trimeyscraft @thedizzylimits @rosebudtienda @knitpurlhook @thedorothydays @wearthestitch @jshookdesign

PINK represents compassion, nurturing & love. It is the colour of happiness & the sign of hope πŸ’– & it’s my FAVOURITE colour πŸ˜‰ i had to tell myself to calm down when making this grid, i could have easily tried to squeeze in ALL the pinks.

Why is there no pink officially in a rainbow?! My rainbows always end in pink πŸ’˜ nevermind, i made my own pink rainbow grid instead from these beautiful makes πŸ’πŸŒˆ

And that concludes my week! i’ll be back shortly with a new moderator to introduce!


Please welcome Heike @madewithloops πŸ’• i have the incredible honour of handing over to our dear Heike! Absolutely one of my crochet inspirations, & a beautiful soul. You’re in for a inspiring week! πŸ’•

Have fun!! Thank you for flashing your drool worthy gorgeous stashes with me! And for letting me indulge in grids of colour therapy 🌈

❀ Nat @littlecosythings xx

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