CAT Week

CAT Week: 8 – 15 April 2017 with Heike @madewithloops

Hello friends of all things crafty!

Thank you Natalie @littlecosythings for a fabulous week and kind intro.

My name is Heike, better know as the designer/maker of @madewithloops. I will be your moderator during the coming week and hope you will share all your gorgeous makes with me during that time.

I have chosen #craftastherapy_shawls as the main theme for this week and I am really looking forward to seeing all your beauties! Knitted, crochet, woven or sewn…anything and everything goes, so get sharing away with a chance to be featured in the #craftastherapy feed.

Shawls have a special place in my heart as all of you who follow me know. They don’t take that long to make, are versatile to wear and will spruce up any outfit.
But please rest assured, I am not just looking forward to seeing shawls…anything crafty goes for sharing, just #craftastherapy and get busy showing us all your makes.

I so hope you will join me this week and really looking forward to lots of photos and a good bit of natter too.

Clockwise – @hookandtwist @twostixstudios @thallind @craftingwithfelicity 

Good morning from a very sunny Hampshire/UK ☀️ I woke up early all excited to see if I would find any #craftastherapy_shawls already…WOW!!! So many of you have shared with us in just a few hours…

Here are just a few from overnight! Aren’t they all just so pretty! 🌸

Clockwise – @hannahhandmakes @freja_blomst @sunnyprettyy @rainbowroseartwork 

Well, it’s been the most beautiful weekend here in the Uk with glorious sunshine, blue skies and temperatures more like we normally see in June. To finish the weekend off photos from these 4 very talented makers

Enjoy your evening lovely friends and don’t forget to share your shawls #craftastherapy_shawls so that I can find lots of beauties in the morning!
Pictured here – @qiuknit @colourandcrochet @tangleandstitch

A Shawl (possibly from the Sanskrit word sati) is a simple item of clothing which is worn loosely over shoulders and upper body or pulled over the head. Traditionally square and often folded into half for extra warmth, today comes in many shapes and sizes.

Look at these beautiful makes!

Happy Monday everyone!

…or crochet!

I totally agree don’t you?!?

Thank you to @laughinghens for reminding us ❤

Have a lovely evening all!

Pictured here – @rawrustic @fansiputri @nesimerciger @thedizzylimits

Good morning beautiful world! I woke up to some pretty awesome Shawl photos in the @craftastherapy feed, here are a few that jumped right out at me and I ask you to go and look at these maker’s feeds to find out some more about them. Please keep tagging with #craftastherapy_shawls if that’s your thing or #craftastherapy for any other crafty think you feel like sharing with us.

Big thank you to these four! Have a lovely day!

Pictured here – @madefebryantini @annelies.leask @despruitenvandora @widilopheijho @lnewnam56 

Some more shawl goodness this morning and today is a typical day where you need one of these if you are living in the UK! It’s all grey and damp here…hope the sun is shining wherever you are! Have a great day and keep sharing you beautiful crafts with us by tagging either this weeks theme #craftastherapy_shawls or the general #craftastherapy

Thank you for sharing!

❤Cuteness Alert!!!! ❤ Oh my goodness, aren’t these simply the most adorable things you have seen?!? I want them all, and if that’s not possible, at least let me have the little lamb that’s peeping out from inside the bag! 🐑

Thank you for sharing these adorable little beings with us @basaktasci .

Have a great evening all!

Pictured here – @supercutedesign @bigt_and_littlel @thoresbycottage @maeusekram @kehribar_hobiatolyesi @rnata6744 @surisuriami 

Good morning crafty friends! You clearly loved my last post and as Easter is just around the corner I have trailed the #craftastherapy feed to find you some more bunny goodness. Have you crafted anything to gift or display this Easter? Why not share it with us by tagging your photos #craftastherapy and if you have some more shawls you want to showcase, tag those with this weeks theme #craftastherapy_shawls

Thank you for sharing with us!
Happy (almost) Weekend!

Look at this beautiful Shawl stack that I found in the #craftastherapy_shawls feed. Isn’t it just the most beautiful sight? I thought it would finish off today beautifully. Thanks to @nennenoma2 for sharing it with us!

Pictured here – @myrosevalley @colourmehappy2 @vividkreations @ektelykke

Hello my lovelies, sorry for my absence today…it’s been one of those days! I can’t believe my week as your moderator is almost over, it has flown by, and tomorrow I’ll be handing over the reigns to the next lovely lady in our group. I am already looking forward to what she had in store for us…aren’t you? For now I like to share another four fabulous shawls from this weeks #craftastherapy_shawls , aren’t they gorgeous!? 

Have a nice evening all!

Are you ready for a fabulous weekend of Easter egg hunting and more to the point…Easter egg eating!?! How about this little fellow juggling his eggs. He was created by Sarah @rockndollstars Go and check out her feed if you want to see more of her fabulous creations. .

Have a happy Saturday all!


Adieu, farewell, Auf Wiedersehen, good-bye…Yes, it’s that Time again for a new Moderator to take over this amazing account! Thank you for all your support, messages and most of all sharing all your beautiful makes with me. I have had such a lovely time being your host and already looking forward to next time.

Now it’s time to welcome our very own superstar crocheter and wonderful mum of the most adorable twins…drum roll….

Natalie @littlecosythings 

Please make her feel special by sharing lots of beautiful photos by tagging with our #craftastherapy 

For me what’s left to say is: Happy Easter to you all and Welcome Natalie @littlecosythings

Heike @madewithloops

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