Crochet Pattern – Cactus by Terese @crochetspecs

Make a happy little cheering cactus with this easy pattern.

Finished size approximately 20cm tall.

Pattern by Terese @crochetspecs

Written in US terms.


40g 12ply yarn

4.5mm crochet hook

Fibrefill for stuffing

6cm circle cut from stiff cardboard (or a 6cm plastic lid)

Tapestry needle

Yarn for pompoms- 3 metres for each pompom

Abbreviations (US terms):

ch- chain

st- stitch

ss- slip st

sc- single crochet

sc inc- single crochet increase (crochet two stitches in the same stitch)

sc dec- single crochet decrease (crochet two stitches together)

blo- back loop only

The cactus is worked amigurumi style- worked in rounds from the top down. The arms are made separately and then stitched into position. Don’t join rounds but mark the beginning of each round with a stitch marker or scrap of yarn.

Any yarn can be substituted but you will need to change the hook size accordingly. For example if working with 8ply yarn use a 3.5mm hook.

Cactus trunk:

Round 1. Ch 2, work 6sc into first chain. (6) 

Round 2. (sc inc) 6 times. (12)

Round 3. (sc inc, 1sc) 6 times. (18)

Round 4. (sc inc, 2sc) 6 times. (24)

Round 5- 18. Sc around. (24)

Round 19. (sc inc, 7sc) 3 times. (27) 

Rounds 20- 24. Sc around. (27)

Round 25. (sc inc, 8sc) 3 times. (30)

Rounds 26- 30. Sc around. (30)

Round 31. (sc inc, 9sc) 3 times. (33) 

Rounds 32-36. Sc around. (33)

Stuff cactus firmly with Fibrefill at this stage, leaving it a little softer near the base.

Round 37. Blo (work in back of loop only) (sc dec, 1sc) 11 times. (22)

Insert the cardboard circle in the base of the cactus and continue crocheting over it. This will help the cactus stand on its own.

Round 38. (sc dec, 1sc) 7 times. 1 sc (15)

Round 39. (sc dec, 1sc) 5 times. (10)

Round 40. (sc dec) 5 times. (5)

Finish off, leaving a length of yarn to sew up hole neatly and as flat as possible.

Arms (make 2):

Round 1. Ch 2,work 6 sc into first chain.

Round 2. (sc inc) 6 times. (12)

Rounds 3- 5. Sc around. (12)

Rounds 6-12. Sl st 4, sc 8. (12) (If you keep your slip stitches loose they will be easier to work)

Rounds 13- 14. Sc around. (12)

Sl st into next stitch and finish off, leaving a length of yarn to sew arms to trunk.

Stuff arms and sew into position.

Fork pompoms:

Wind three metres of yarn around the widest part of a fork.

Thread a 30cm length of yarn through the centre of the fork and tie as tightly as possible. 

Cut through loops and slide off the fork. 

Trim the pompom leaving a length of yarn to sew pompom to cactus.


Pattern by Terese @crochetspecs

Website –

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