CAT Week

CAT Week: 15 – 22 April 2017 with Nat @littlecosythings

HAPPY EASTER to the CAT community 🐰❀️ it’s Nat @littlecosythings, this week the mods are having a well deserved break, so i’m jumping in & thought we should share our easter makes! Especially those ones you’ve kept secret for weeks. 

The theme this week is #craftastherapy_easter 🐰 & of course keep sharing to the #craftastherapy too.

Thank you to Heike @madewithloops for such a beautiful week full of gorgeous shawls! Heike writes some gorgeous shawl patterns too, i have her shawl pattern book on its way, so excited. Thank you Heike @madewithloops 😘

Happy Easter lovelies, eat lots of chocolate, drive carefully & get stuck into those crafty makes.

Ahh holiday mode πŸ– hope you all had a wonderful Easter! We are going to have a relaxing week & share only one make a time from the #craftastherapy gallery. And i just fell in love with this ostrich by @joli736 😍 look at those eyelashes! Thanks for sharing!

Don’t forget the theme this week – #craftastherapy_easter

Fluffy bunny tails 🐰 is there anything cuter? I love this mix of this fabric & crochet made by @cozamundo & that hoop is so pretty too.

Thank you for sharing with this weeks theme – #craftastherapy_easter keep posting! What did/are you crafting over the Easter break?

The colours, the texture, the adorable puppy dog 🐢😍 thank you Annette @nennenoma2 for sharing your beautiful #craftastherapy make with us!

It’s so pretty, & such a dreamy calming effect too πŸ’• this #craftastherapy weaving is made by @passiofibrearts – thank you for sharing!

Erika @erika.and.crow made this gorgeous madala for Easter 🐰#craftastherapy_easter. Have you recovered from your Easter celebrations? Hope you’re having a lovely relaxing week! 😊

An adorable little Easter Princess & her Easter Bunny! Oh the cuteness! Thank you for sharing to #craftastherapy_easter Britney @craftn_crochet 😍

Spring has arrived in the CAT community & the #craftastherapy gallery is blooming with pretty colours 🌷 even though it’s Autumn here where i live (Australia) i am loving all the beautiful colours; like the ones in this make by Lily @knothing_usual πŸ’•

What season is it where you live? β˜€οΈπŸ‚β›„οΈπŸŒ·

Good morning lovelies! Coffee time β˜•οΈ can i offer you a cup? How do you like it? I like it strong, with a dash of milk & 1 sugar 🀀 i love my coffee, mama of twins 😴😴 & i love this embroidery work by @ohsewbootiful so clever β˜•οΈ 

i know so many of you love green here πŸ’š so this one is for you – a gorgeous hexie blanket by Elizabeth @earlgreycrochet! Thanks for sharing your #craftastherapy with us Elizabeth! πŸ’š

I’m still eating hot cross buns for breakfast, & the chocolate is long gone πŸ˜‰ but this Easter tablecloth by Kajsa @kamalicrochet will be a heirloom, gracing Easter tables for years with its beauty πŸ’› i love yellow, thank you for sharing your #craftastherapy_easter with us Kajsa!

This adorable little creature is a Curlie πŸ™Š & they are made by Kristina @tinycurl! I think they are like little smiles you can carry in your pocket 😊 thanks for sharing your #craftastherapy make with us Kristina! πŸ’ž

A beautiful colour explosion to end my week made by @ozlemceorguler 🌈 thank you for sharing your #craftastherapy! And to all the CAT crafters for your gorgeous makes! The #craftastherapy gallery now has over 200,000 crafty makes 😍 its an incredible source of inspiration.

I’ll be back soon to introduce our next lovely mod ☺️

Pattern for this blanket is by another CAT crafter – @bymimzan


Please say hello to our lovely Annelies @annelies.leask ☺️ your next inspirational host & mod.

Thank you for another beautiful week lovely people. And for your support on the launch of our new website ( πŸ˜‰) so excited for this new adventure.

Don’t forget you can submit ANY of your (free) patterns to the CAT community, just go to the website, & submit via the “Contact” page πŸ‘

See you soon,

❀️ Nat @littlecosythings xx

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