CAT Week

CAT Week: 22 – 29 April 2017 with Annelies @annelies.leask

Hi, Annelies @annelies.leask

Thanks Nat @littlecosythings for the wonderful week, loved all the Easter fun 🐰 

In celebration of Earth Day 🌏 today I thought it would be nice to base this weeks theme around recycle/reuse/repair. My kids are always finding fun things in the recycling that inspire them creatively and I love the sense of satisfaction I get if I can repurpose things I already have around the house or mend an old favourite item (and coming up with ideas for using yarn scraps is definitely an ongoing problem πŸ˜‰).

So I challenge you this week to use your creativity a little differently for this weeks theme #craftastherapy_recycle. ♻️ –

Happy Earth Day to you all! 🌏

Images from: @kedito @knitpurlhook  @bearsrossi @hellskitsch

Happy Sunday everyone! These beautiful earth tones caught my eye while I was browsing the #craftastherapy tag and I just had to share, aren’t they gorgeous. πŸ’™πŸ’š

Thank you to everyone who has already joined in with the new theme #craftastherapy_recycle I’ll be back in a bit to share the first grid. ♻️

Photos by: @rebeccajhill02 @suzannemartin @brightbag

Loving all the clever upcycling already being tagged to this weeks theme #craftastherapy_recycle. Look at these amazing makes made from things that might have ordinarily been overlooked.

Don’t forget to keep tagging to the main #craftastherapy tag too as I’ll be featuring photos throughout the week from there as well.

I picked this image from @jaqulinesplats for a solo feature from the #craftastherapy_recycle theme as I think the rings she made from vintage spoons are just amazing!! What a beautiful way to give something pretty a new purpose. πŸ’•

Keep tagging those recycled makes to #craftastherapy_recycle and have a happy crafty day!

Images from: @theknitknackshop @crochetinpaternoster @marvellousmamamakes @mycreamlife

So I have baby gifts on the brain at the moment as my sister is expecting her first in the autumn and I definitely want to gift something handmade. Aren’t these beauties I found tagged to #craftastherapy just the sweetest! πŸ’™

Happy making lovelies πŸ’™

Photos by: @thedizzylimits @crafty_cc @threddyfreddy @satujatarinoita πŸ’—

I’m back with some very pretty makes from this weeks theme #craftastherapy_recycle. Did you know recycling could be this beautiful! πŸ’•

Just look at these beauties by: @crochetbyredagape @fluorlight1 @crochetroad @clementineandthread

Love all the creative inspiration you can find scrolling through #craftastherapy. You guys are seriously talented! 🌸

Photos by: @ivr.madewithlove @madebymriek @helenitajurisch @alittlevintagedoll ❀️

A cheerful grid of pretty repurposed makes to brighten your day! 

Love these happy images from the #craftastherapy_recycle tag. 🌼🌺

I’m back with a solo feature from the #craftastherapy tag. Isn’t this #buildingblocksblanket by @hannemetteraae amazing! Absolutely love all the beautiful yarns she’s used and those colours 😍

Have a lovely evening everyone πŸ’™

Wonderful makes by: @ihan_oikea_blogi @yeonsa_creative @anythinghappensforgood @knothing_usual

Oh my gosh you guys I am blown away by how creative you are! Look at these brilliant ideas for reusing materials from #craftastherapy_recycle. Roman numerals made out of popsicle sticks for a clock, genius! πŸ’™

Happy Friday folks! πŸ’™

Gorgeous photos by: @ateliersopra @elin__ingrid @hammeredleatherworks @_mountain_road_crochet

Hope you’re all having a fun Friday! Loving the tones in these images from the main #craftastherapy tag, not to mention the beautiful crafts. πŸ–€

πŸ–€ Happy crafting lovelies


Thanks so much for having me! I’ve had such a lovely week and I’ve been really amazed by all your beautiful crafty repurposed projects. Thank you to each and every one of you who joined in. β™»οΈπŸ˜˜

It’s time for me to hand over to your next moderator the gorgeous Nicola from @hookandtwist! Looking forward to seeing what you have in store for us this week Nicola! πŸ’—

Have a happy weekend everyone πŸ’•

Annelies @annelies.leask 

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