CAT Crafter Interview with Melanie @daintyanddivine

Interview with CAT crafter – Melanie @daintyanddivine

Where do you live?: I live in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

What craft is your therapy?: Crochet is my main therapeutic craft, but I will never turn down an opportunity to watch a good YouTube tutorial and buy more craft supplies.

How long have you been crafting for?: I have been crafting as far back as my memory takes me, my Mum and Grandmother were dress makers so I would spend hours playing in the off cuts of wedding dresses, when I was 7 years old all I wanted for my birthday was a knitting Nancy (I still have her today)

Tea or Coffee?: Coffee, strong with no sugar please! Unless there is only instant and then I will happily sip a cup of black tea instead.

Favourite quote?: You can’t pour from an empty cup! Take care of yourself and don’t feel guilty about it, whether that is having a night off or sitting to do a few rows of crochet instead of housework. Once your heart is content and your body is rested then you can take care of others.

Your CAT story?: When I was 16 years old I contracted glandular fever, I was house bound for the most part and missed 8 weeks of school. I was extremely weak and suffering from a mild form of depression, my grandmother decided that she was going to teach me to crochet so that I had something to do. She went down to the local haberdashery shop and bought me a ball of yarn in each of the brightest colours that she could find. Crochet kept my hands busy and my mind quiet and once I had recovered I had a queen sized rainbow zig zag blanket to show of my otherwise very unproductive time. Sometimes when I feel that life is a bit of a treadmill, and I’m feeling that I am not making progress with anything significant it’s nice to get out a WIP and finish it off, it’s even more rewarding when I can wear my finished make.

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