CAT Week

CAT Week: 13 – 20 May with Jill @neverjillian

Hello lovely crafters, Jill @neverjillian & I’m happy to be back here for the week with you.

My theme this week is the complete opposite of that crazy mandala blanket I’ve been working on! While taking a break from it I was making this easy square when it it occurred to me that as much as I love stretching my brain and working on beautiful complicated patterns, sometimes it’s the simple things that really are the best.

I find that when I’m making something like this that I can work on with out too much counting or brain power usage it gives me time to think about other things and really relax and unwind.

So this week I’d like to get back to celebrating the small simple crafting pleasures, please share them to the #craftastherapy_simple tag.

Have a lovely day (and happy Mother’s Day to those in the world celebrating that day today)

Crafters – @homestitchness @missellymade @geekirumi @corine_haakt

Ah Mondays, you’re never much fun. These gorgeous pinks that have been tagged to #craftastherapy_simple made my day a little happier though.

Congratulations crafters, I love your simply beautiful creations

Hope you have a great Monday.

Crafters – @francistrumpfer @theartrist @rainbowroseartwork @rosaechocolat

If you follow me on here you’d know that other than crochet I love my plants, so what could be better than craft and plants combined? 

I love these creations, I hope you do too.

Now it’s time for me to sit down with a cuppa and a spot of crochet. Enjoy your evening ( or morning) and keep tagging to #craftastherapy 

Crafter – @frossenfuldmaane

Sometimes simple creations are the perfect medium to highlight beautiful materials, a special yarn or just the texture and form of a stitch.

These bracelets are a beautiful example of simplicity, thanks for sharing them to the #craftastherapy_simple tag @frossenfuldmaane.

Hope you’re having a lovely crafty day.

Crafters – @creochet @vitavihandmade @crafty_cc @quedespacioestas

Look at these gorgeously simple creations in the making, thanks for sharing them to the #craftastherapy_simple tag.

Have a great day and I’ll be back later on with some creations from the #craftastherapy tag.

Crafters – @yardagedesign @ily.handmade @moosebearmakes @joakhui80

These beautiful calming colours caught my eye in the #craftastherapy gallery tonight.

Thanks for sharing them, they’re all gorgeous!

Have a good night (or day if I’m living in your future!)

Crafters – @philo010282 @matuszka_i_jaguszka @kellykellykellygreen @ana.moraissoares

Quite often when I’m looking for something simple to make I fall back on the good old granny square- mindless meditation at its best!

These granny squares are gorgeous examples, thanks for sharing them to the #craftastherapy_simple gallery.

Hope you’re all having a fantastic Friday

Crafters – @red.haired.amazona.crochets @nandi_90 @pony.mctate @tree_studio

Good morning lovely crafters, I thought I’d squeeze in one last grid from the #craftastherapy gallery, all pictures that made me smile (and I do love a good cat/crochet combo).

Thanks for sharing your creations! 

Have a great Saturday everyone


Well, the week had flown by again and now it’s time for another creative, talented and lovely lady to take over this little space. Welcome Marianne @marretjeroos, enjoy your week!

Thanks to everyone that joined in with me this week, see you all again soon

Jill @neverjillian xx

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