CAT Week

CAT Week: 27 May – 3 June with Aki @knitpurlhook

Thank you Marianne @marretjeroos for a wonderful week and congratulations on the amazing new book 😍

Hello all you lovely crafters and thank you for a warm welcome! Aki @knitpurlhook, I thought this week let’s just keep #craftastherapy as our theme for the week. So keep tagging all your wonderful makes so we can all get inspired by them.

Thank you @artmiacrochet for sharing this lovely image with us.

Mesmerised and in absolute awe of this gorgeous pic shared by Nicole @yardagedesign πŸ˜πŸ’• under the #craftastherapy tag. Hope you all find it as calming as I did 😌

Crafters – @wilmawestenberg @elff.krcc @tinycurl @kikalite

How adorably cute are all these images I foung under the #craftastherapy tag. You can scroll right to see the individual pics and send some love to the talented makers.

These 2 gorgeous little dumplings are making me sing 🎢 You got a friend in me🎢 (Toy story). .

Thank you Steph @yarnrepublic for sharing this bonnet-tastic moment with us all under the #craftastherapy tag.

Crafters – @journeyhomemade @rarepearstudio @trendypuku & @mervedenlikol 

The #craftastherapy is such a great feed to find inspiration. Just look at these gorgeous images of different crafts and tools and tell me it doesn’t make you want to learn Tunisian feather making, weaving, drawing, painting!! 😍

Thank you for sharing these treasures with us. πŸ’•

It’s only Tuesday but I’m so ready to hang out on the window with these guys for the rest of the week! Who else is ready for the weekend already!? πŸ™‹πŸ»

Thanks Ina @inarho for sharing this relaxing image with the #craftastherapy community! πŸ˜„

Crafters – @trishmitchellfineartist @aidendecou @naturally_nora_crochet & @stitch_up 

Crushing hard on these gorgeous images shared over at the #craftastherapy feed.

Thank you for sharing these with us.

Crafters – @thedizzylimits @whistleandwool @stitchesandocean & @colorfowl 

Anyone else get drawn to neutrals?! 😍 I find them ever so calming and soothing! 😌

Thanks for sharing these lovely makes with us under the #craftastherapy tag.

Thank you @little_sparrow_craft for sharing this beautiful image with us. 😍

Joy is exactly what my crafting brings out in me. It has helped me in my darkest moments and happiest too. Who else gets immense joy from crafting?

How beautiful and unique are these amazing makes by @threebagsfullcrochet @ily.handmade @handdrawnyarn & @francistrumpfer shared under the #craftastherapy tag. Thank you all you lovely crafters for sharing these images with us. πŸ’•


Thank you everyone for sharing all your wonderful makes with us this week. I had an amazing time going through the #craftastherapy feed and getting inspired by so many different crafts. πŸ’•

Now it’s time for me to handover the account to our next moderator who is just the sweetest and uber talented Natalie @littlecosythings. πŸ’•


Aki @knitpurlhook

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