CAT Week

CAT Week: 10 – 17 June with Angie @gamercrafting


Hello friends, Angie @gamercrafting here 🙋 Today is worldwide #knit in public day, so forgive me for introducing myself with a #crochetpicture! 😁 I’m Angie, aka @gamercrafting, and this week I’ll be having a big throwback to my first theme I ever moderated here, #craftastherapy_newgrowth.


I’ve been doing a lot of growing this year, with my #yarn business, writing a pattern book for geeks, and making more time to celebrate LIFE and joy. I also became an accidental gardener this season, and my small apartment balcony looks like Jurassic Park. 😂 Anyway share your new growth pics with me this week, whether it’s a new skill, a new pattern, or some way you feel you’ve grown. I look forward to seeing your creations!


Crafters: @knothing_usual  @susiseenredaoficial @ervamaulita @yeonsa_creative 

I’m up very early for a Sunday, but the gorgeous makes in the #craftastherapy_newgrowth feed is giving me more life than the strongest coffee! 🎉 I’m loving all these snaps from Worldwide Knit in Public day too!  Give the makers some love!

I’ll be back later with some more features!


Squeak! I couldn’t resist sharing this little 🍉🍉🍉 found in the #craftastherapy feed! Thanks to @a_unicorn_crochet for sharing! I’ll be back in the morning to share more from this week’s #craftastherapy_newgrowth feed 😘


Good morning lovelies! I’m loving all of your #craftastherapy_newgrowth posts, and I wanted to share this one from @laughinghens. They share posts from yarn enthusiasts on Wednesdays with #wipwednesday and Friday with #flashmystash. Just another place to share gorgeous snaps and get creative! Keep the posts coming, I’ll be back later for more gorgeous grid action.


Crafters: @mobiusgirl @andintothetrees @miss_bs_emporium @welovebabyever

Hello again! 🙋I was wandering through the #craftastherapy tag and couldn’t resist sharing these multicoloured masterpieces!

Have a good night everyone! I’ll be back in the morning to share some more 😘


Crafters: @naturecraftswithlove @sunna_crochet @damukira @fluorlight1 

Hellooooo! 🎉 I’m loving all the inspiration in the #craftastherapy_newgrowth feed today, just look at these gorgeous makes!

Keep sharing, I’ll be back later! 🎉


Thank you to @zeensandrogerfor sharing this in the #craftastherapy tag! It’s very late here indeed, I’ll be back in the morning with more sharing…. After I’ve had some coffee! ☕☕☕


Crafters: @bsvitlana @annelies.leask @tangleandstitch @loisandmay

Phew, what a day! Out of coffee, printer is broken, computer problems…! The only thing saving me today is the #craftastherapy_newgrowth feed!

Tell me your favourite creative mantras for days when everything goes wrong, and I’ll pick one to feature in a quote post tomorrow! 😉


Have you ever had a week where everything goes wrong? I’m having that kind of week! I’m thankful today for my yarn stash and a crafty lunch hour! Thanks to @bsvitlana for the quote! 😘 I’ll be back later for more awesome grid action from this week’s #craftastherapy_newgrowth theme.



Crafters: @kehribar_hobiatolyesi @suryaindraswari @mervedenlikol @crafty_cc

Good morning! ☕☕ These bright and sunny makes in the #craftastherapy_newgrowth feed are making my morning bright!
Show the creators some love:
@kehribar_hobiatolyesi @suryaindraswari @mervedenlikol @crafty_cc

I’ll be back a little later to share some more! 😘


Ooooh, pretty Tunisian crochet squares from @tlyarncrafts today in the #craftastherapy feed! 😍 Her crochet tutorials are amazingly clear and concise, and have taught me a lot about new techniques! Keep up the sharing, I’ll be back later with more! 😘


One more post this evening: the cutest ever 🐦birdhouse 🍉 from @wishingonayarnball! I need one! I’ll be back in the morning for another grid before I hand things over to your next moderator 😘


Crafters: @naribennybee @rose_garden_cottage @deartomyartcreations 

Last grid from me for the #craftastherapy_newgrowth week!

I’ll be back in a moment to introduce your new moderator!


I’m thrilled to re-introduce Emma of @steelandstitch, an amazing crafter and one of my favourite people! I’ve met her IN REAL LIFE and she’s just as lovely and gorgeous as her Instagram suggests. Please give her a warm welcome!

As for me, I always adore my weeks as moderator here. You all make up the most amazing, positive, kind community and I’m so lucky to be a part of it! Til next time my lovelies!

Angie @gamercrafting

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