CAT Week

CAT Week: 17 – 24 June with Emma @steelandstitch


Well hello you lovely lot!! Em @steelandstitch; a massive thank you to Angie @gamercrafting for a really lovely week, and for being a properly lovely human too 😘

This week I’ve gone a bit left field : #craftastherapy_books . I find SO much inspiration, not just from craft books, but the characters, places and people in novels too. My favourite thing in the world is when I’ve got something to listen to on Audible and a crochet hook in my hand.

I’d love it if you guys wanted to share some of your favourite books with me, crafty or otherwise, and maybe we can all get to know each other better, as well as getting a few recommendations on the way!


Hello darling hearts, today’s #craftastherapy_books pic comes from @the.tangled.knitter and if I’m completely honest, it’s because this is my favourite book of all time! Such gorgeous escapism, especially when things are tough 😘 And the knitting is pretty beautiful too. I think there’s going to be a bit of a Harry Potter based grid later!


As a crochet-bookworm these pics are SO appealing! ‘Craft for the soul’ is defo something I need to read @megarama😘 Keep tagging to #craftastherapy_books, loving seeing all your inspiration.


Just scrolling through #craftastherapy_books and loved how peaceful this image from @naturecraftswithlove made me feel, so thought I’d share it with everyone.


Utterly LOVING seeing all you #craftastherapy_books pics, they are full of recommendations, inspiration and some of them make me want to come for tea, cake and chats with you 😀😘


Squeeee! THIS from @ella_makes for the #craftastherapy_bookstag!! 😍😍😍


So there was no way we were getting through a #craftastherapy_booksweek without doing a Harry Potter grid! 👓⚡😀 Love it!


Sharing this pic from @crochetspecs because I love EVERYTHING about it! #craftastherapy_books


Some lovely crochet and some more reading recommendations from #craftastherapy_books tag. Finding all these pics so insightful, thank you for sharing 😊


I just find all the #craftastherapy_books so soothing! And there isn’t time in the day to share all the pics, do go take a look if you want to do d some inspiration from your #craftastherapy community 😍😍😍


You gorgeous creatures, I literally can’t believe how quickly this week has whizzed by! Thanks so much for sharing all your #craftastherapy_books, I’ll defo be hopping over to the tag to pick up recommendations for the next few weeks!

I’d like to introduce to you a special guest mod for this week, she is one of my dearest insta-pals and I’m sure you’ll love her as much as I do, say hi to Fiona!! @thedizzylimits
Em xxx  @steelandstitch

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