CAT Week

CAT Week: 15 – 22 July with Amanda @yarn_house


Hello everyone, Amanda 💛@yarn_house and thank you Annelies @annelies.leask for the lovely welcome! I’m so happy to be back here moderating once again😊


We are smack-dab in the middle of summer and I can’t get enough of it, especially the bright colors that come along with it! Show me all your#craftastherapy_summer makes this week, won’t you?

Can’t wait to see what you come up with!


Crafters: @trishlemoose @philo010282 @yiskadev @hurerdemir

A pretty darn good start to the #craftastherapy_summer, if you ask me! 🌻

Thank you all for sharing your summery creations! 🌻


Crafters: @craftplanter @rainbowroseartwork @raspberryrainbow @petricorembroidey

These rainbow #craftastherapy creations make me SO happy!🌈

I’ll pop in later with another #craftastherapy_summer grid, but for now I’m off to the beach! What are you up to today?


Crafters: @erika.and.crow @juttacreates @helenitajurisch @virklust

Good morning! The #craftastherapy_summer feed sure is looking good, have you had a peek? Thank you to the following makers for sharing!

Have a fabulous Monday, everyone!😊


Crafters: @lottieandalbert @nuthatchcreated @beeandblue @neverjillian

I always find it so inspiring when people share a glimpse into their home and how they showcase their #craftastherapy makes!

Nighty night, all!


Crafters: @ring_beller @alegriahechaamano @lbk_crochet @manuskacrochet

There’s a bit of a fruit salad happening in the #craftastherapy_summerfeed! How delicious do these look?  Thank you for sharing!

Have a lovely evening, crafters!😊


Crafters: @zdarova.smirnova @elanpottery @the.two.throwers @kamido_missmolly

These beautiful black and white creations were really popping out in the #craftastherapy feed this morning. Aren’t they gorgeous?😍 One day, I hope to be fast enough to snag my very own piece of @elanpottery from one of her shop updates! Thanks for sharing!

Happy Wednesday, makers!


Crafters: @deartomyartcreations @ciscreates @intheyarngarden

Hanging at the beach – it doesn’t get much more summery than that! ⛱🏝🏖

Congrats, and thank you for sharing your #craftastherapy_summer makes with us!

Have a lovely evening, folks!


Crafters: @alittlevintagedoll @musemacrame @lululovesthemoon @jellybean_junction

I love a good craft/plant combo, don’t you? These botanical beauties were found growing in the #craftastherapy feed and I couldn’t resist😍 Thank you!

I’ll try to pop in a little later with another #craftastherapy_summer grid!🌞


Crafters: @crejatie @werkelei @angelialollyta @thecrochetcottage

Beautiful beach bags and blankets, oh my! How inspiring are these photos?!🌞👌

Thanks for tagging your #craftastherapy_summer makes!


Crafters: @colormadehappy @miraclecrochet @frk.jakobsens.noerkleri @laughinghens

I noticed so many colorful groups of friends in the #craftastherapyfeed — I just had to make a grid of them! Thank you!

Happy Friday, gang!


Crafters: @knothing_usual @bauldepeques @hookonepurlone @mayte.m.t

Good morning! Just popping in with one last fabulous #craftastherapy_summer grid before I sign off😊

Thank you everyone for all the beautiful summery photos that were shared this week! Be back in a flash with your next mod😄


Thank you all for such a beautiful week of all things summer! I’m just completely full of inspiration after seeing all your amazing work💙💚💜💛❤

Next up to moderate is the ever so talented crocheter, Jill – (@neverjillian). I can’t wait to see what she has in store for the upcoming week! Please give her a warm welcome😊

Until next time!✌
Amanda @yarn_house

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