CAT Week

CAT Week: 22 – 29 July with Jill @neverjillian


Hello gorgeous crafters!

Amanda’s gorgeous week of sunshine and craft made me a little jealous I must confess, but it also got me thinking about crafting in winter, as it is in my part of the world, and positives of winter crafting. I am a bit of a scarf/ shawl addict lately so winter is the perfect crafting season for me to wear my creations. And it’s not too hit to sit and crochet a big project. Plus what’s better than sitting bundled up and warm with a cuppa and a bit of crafting and nowhere to be while it’s pouring with rain outside?


So tell me, what’s you favourite part about crafting in winter? Please share with us this week to #craftastherapy_winter

Have a great Sunday


Crafters: @alegriahechaamano @whimsyhen@earlgreycrochet @elzavan912

It was truly wintery day in my corner of the world today, and I would’ve loved to have spent it crafting in front of a fire with a cuppa. I feel warmer just looking at these pictures though, thanks for sharing to the #craftastherapy_winter tag .

Stay warm and cozy and have a good evening ( or morning)


Crafters:  @crochetbyredagape @andi_bede@ayeleighhhart @handcrafted_vintage

There are some beautiful creations blooming in the #craftastherapyfeed, have you had a look lately?

Thanks for sharing your gorgeous work!


Crafters: @helenitajurisch @lananitejidos@juttacreates @deartomyartcreations

The best part about winter would have to be getting to wear all those cozy handmade woolly creations right?

I could do with all of these this morning please! You all look so lovely and warm, thanks for sharing to the #craftastherapy_winter gallery.


Did you know I’ve never seen snow? It’s on the list, I’m sure one day I’ll get to see some. Maybe I should crochet my own?

Thanks for sharing to the #craftastherapy_winter gallery @verbaer, snowflakes are so synonymous with winter and yours are just gorgeous.


Crafters: @knothing_usual @zbrkazdola@magpieandpickle @seona74

While I’ve got winter on my mind, you can wear hand crafted goodies all year round really, as this grid shows. This is a mix of images from the #craftastherapyand #craftastherapy_winter galleries, I think there’s something for every season.

Congratulations on your gorgeous work, thank you for sharing it with us.


Crafters: @hannahhandmakes @stitchingsabbatical@amalsworld87 @needles.and.knots 

I’m always amazed at the level of detail ( and patience that must come with that!) that goes into needlework, it’s like painting with thread.

Thank you for sharing your gorgeous work. Have a great day everyone, I’ll be back later with another winter grid for you.


Crafters: @lananitejidos@lbk_crochet @sixsparne@madamelapin_ig 

These cute creations caught my eye in the #craftastherapy_wintergallery- and who can resist a fox? Not me. Thanks for sharing, happy crafting!


Crafters: @matuszka_i_jaguszka  @madebyily @scrapandcardsbyirina @threebagsfullcrochet 

My favourite colour is also the perfect colour for winter crafting.
Thanks for sharing your work to the #craftastherapy_winter gallery.


Crafters: @sncxcreations @trishlemoose@madebymelw @hip.en.zacht 

These cute creations have put a smile on my face tonight while scrolling through the #craftastherapygallery.

Your creations have so much character. Have a great evening ( or morning, or day!)


Crafters: @sandacrochet@gamercrafting @zdarova_smirnova@elbycrochet

It’s definitely ‘snuggle under a pile of blankets and don’t leave the house’ weather here today. In fact, this whole week has been pretty bad weather-wise, I’m beginning to think maybe I cursed it with my choice of theme?

I think I need to come and borrow your snuggly creations.
Have a great day


My week of moderating has come to an end once more. Thank to everyone that joined in with this week’s theme and I’ll see you again here soon.

I now welcome back Danica from @flossiecottage to take over as the next moderator, a lady who crochets with such a beautiful rainbow of colours. Please make her feel welcome, Jill @neverjillian xx

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