CAT Week

CAT Week: 8 – 15 July with Annelies @annelies.leask


Hello its Annelies @annelies.leask – thank you so much Sade @smilewithsade for the kind introduction and the beautiful and inspiring week. I’ve loved seeing everyone’s wonderful and clever amigurumi! ✨

After having a bit of a crazy week myself where nothing really went to plan and I’ve felt a bit frazzled I thought I’d pick one of my favourite things about crafting as the theme for my time here ‘calm’. I absolutely love how crafting can bring a sense of calm and a bit of escapism even if it’s just for a few moments. It always helps to make me feel grounded. And if i don’t have time to craft myself I always enjoy getting to see what everyone else is making.

If you fancy letting us share in your creative calm time this week just tag your photos to #craftastherapy_calm and you may even get featured on the @craftastherapy page.

Happy crafting!


Crafters: @ektelykke @vitavihandmade @poppy_creates @bluebell_moon 

Kicking off my our week of craftastherapy_calm with these beautifully tranquil images. Aren’t they gorgeous! 💗

Have a peaceful Sunday lovelies! 💕


Crafters: @magpieandpickle @crochetbyredagape @mamlik_ @kikalite

Time for some pretty pinks from the main #craftastherapy tag! I can never resist a bit of pink!! 💗🌸🎀💕


Hope you all manage to find a bit of calm in amoungst the chaos today! Isn’t this a lovely calming shot by Love the cute heart, thanks so much for tagging it to this weeks theme #craftastherapy_calm. 💗


Crafters: @ericaandeleanor @doralogy @manuskacrochet @stria.marty 

Look at these beautiful makes from #craftastherapy. So charming! I do enjoy a nice scroll through everyone’s makes, so much talent being shared, I love it!! ✨

Happy crafting! 💛


Crafters: @honouringme @pony.mctate @happy.forms_crochet @solwejga 

I’m just at the library with my daughter enjoying a bit of relaxing reading time. These beauties are making me wish I’d brought a crochet project to work on while I’m here too though.

So pretty, thanks for tagging them all to these weeks theme #craftastherapy_calm. 💕

Hope you all find a moment to relax today! 😘


Crafters: @happily.yarn.after @kedito @tree_studio @yeah_laser

It’s grey and chucking it down with rain where I am so these sunshiny makes are just the right antidote! Aren’t they fab!! ☀️

Happy creating! 💛


I so agree with this quote! Hope you all find the perfect balance today. 🌿

Thank you @werkelei for tagging these beautiful motifs to #craftastherapy_calm. I absolutely love them. 💚


Crafters: @ella_makes @craftn_crochet @lottieandalbert  @whimsyhen

Gosh guys I am so enjoying getting to share in your moments of #craftastherapy_calm this week! Aren’t these photographs beautifully calming, now to decide crochet, colouring, a good book or a nice nap? 😉💕

Have a lovely day wherever you are! 💗


Crafters: @valentincarlettini @sweet_sharna @daisy_mae_designs

There’s something so timeless about black and white don’t you think. Found these lovely classics under #craftastherapy, so stylish. 🖤


Crafters: @colourandcrochet @deartomyartcreations @forever__autumn__ @knothing_usual 

Nothing on the ‘to do list’ apart from enjoying some nice calming crochet. Doesn’t that sound nice. 👌

Thank you to the lovely makers who tagged these beauties to this weeks theme #craftastherapy_calm. Don’t forget to tag your own moments of calm too if you fancy joining in! 🌿

Happy making everyone! 💚


What’s your favourite material to create your own calm with? I usually find yarn does the trick for me.

Thank you @hobbydingen for this lovey moment of calm.


Crafters: @kamido_missmolly @sweetyellowdecor @bebeklikedi @naturecraftswithlove

Here’s a little bit of cute from the #craftastherapy tag for your Friday! Aren’t these all adorable. 💕

Happy Friday everyone! 💕


Crafters: @onepinkplum @bymamidk @bitesandbeads @emmyandlien 

Squeezing in one last feature from #craftastherapy_calm before introducing you to your next moderator. Aren’t these all so pretty! 💛

A big thanks to everyone who joined in this week. I had a lovely time looking through your beautiful photos and being inspired by your gorgeous makes. ✨


Thank you everyone for having me, I’ve had such a lovely week! 💗 It’s time for me to say goodbye now but I’m leaving you all in the extremely capable hands of the absolutely amazing fibre artist Amanda @yarn_house! Please join me in giving her a very warm welcome! 💜

Until next time!
Annelies @annelies.leask

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