CAT Week

CAT Week: 12 – 19 August with Fiona @millefleurs13


Hello Everyone 👋🏻 Fiona @millefleurs13 and thank you so much for your warm welcome. I’m looking forward to my week here, it’s been quite a while since I’ve had the pleasure of your company 💜

Thank you also to our lovely Nicola @hookandtwist for her great week in sharing your beautiful unfinished projects and I must say, I was very relieved to see I’m not the only one that has forgotten and neglected wip’s 🙈 We hope that nasty flu bug disappears and you get better quickly Nicola ❤️


Now to this weeks theme … I really love to crochet – it is very much my happy place. I don’t have a lot of time to indulge in this passion of mine but to have the satisfaction of completing a project, especially one that you love from start to finish, is so rewarding. I get so much enjoyment in covering stones with pretty crochet covers and making doilies … I love how peaceful and calming they look. This made me realise they really are ‘my thing’ to make.

I am very curious to see what ‘your thing’ is. What gives you that same satisfaction, joy and pleasure to your creative and crafty hearts ❤️ Please share them with us using the #craftastherapy_mything tag 💜 and remember to keep using our regular #craftastherapy tag because I will feature from both over my week 😊

It’s Goodnight from me. Take care!


I hope you are enjoying your weekend, or you enjoyed your weekend, depending on what part of the world you are in 🌎🌍🌏

I have been browsing the images that have been shared to this weeks theme of #craftastherapy_mything 🌟

Moving clockwise we have @suzannemartin with her use of repurposing vintage blankets to make such cute animals and objects 🍍
@kehribar_hobiatolyesi I love this idea to use crochet to patch a hole in a pair of jeans 👖
@verbaer Oh it’s hard to resist a pretty doily 💗
@wolwens how lovely is this sweet wall hanging 🔷

Looking forward to seeing more ‘my thing’ creations and it would be wonderful to see different types of craft too 😊


Treasures from the #craftastherapy feed 🌟 I do love neutral tones 💛

It’s great coming across different crafts and creations too and these caught my eye. Thank you to the talented creators for sharing them with us 💛

@fibs_strings love your jute wall hanging planters 🌱 @papermoonfactory this little face pendant made me smile 😊 @knittycatcrochet I can’t resist a cute amigurimi ☺️ @rawbatchsoap How good do these soaps look … good enough to eat I would say 😉


How pretty are these flowers 🌼 and it comes with a special message too … 🌸
You Are Enough.
Just as You are.
For All Your Faults and All Your Goodness.
Don’t base Your Self Worth on the Opinions of Others 🌺

Thank you so much @whimsyhen for sharing this lovely picture and message with us in the #craftastherapy_mythingfeed

Remember to keep sharing what your ‘my thing’ is and also to our regular #craftastherapy tag. I’ll be back later with more.

Wishing you a Happy Day or Evening wherever you are 🌷


Hello Everyone 😊

Have you been enjoying Granny Square Day 2017 today?
I have 😁 it has been a day full of gorgeous squares ❤️ I’m looking forward to making a collage from many of them.

The last collage I shared was in neutral tones … I thought this time a riot of colour would be nice and this selection is from this weeks theme #craftastherapy_mything

Wonderful aren’t they all !!

Thank you @neverjillian for sharing your fabulous mandala collection with us 🌀 @susiseenredaoficial for your beautiful and colourful rustic lace square 🔆 @annelies.leask beautiful squares really are ‘your thing’ 💠 and
@virklust for your stunning mandala that reminds me of Summer and Sunflowers 🌻

It’s late here, so please Take Care and Goodnight from me 😴


I have been busy putting together a collage of the granny squares that were tagged to #craftastherapy from yesterday’s Granny Square Day 2017 🎉

How beautiful is this and how wonderful would it be if it was a real blanket 💗💠💗

Can you spot your square in there?

Not all would fit into one collage, I’m making another to share soon.


Thank you for your wonderful response to the first granny square collage I put together. I am so pleased you enjoyed it and that many of you could spot your granny square amongst it 🌟

Here is the last beautiful collage of granny squares that were also tagged to #craftastherapy from yesterday’s Granny Square Day 2017 🎉 .
I am sure I will see Granny Squares in my sleep tonight 😂 but hey, what a pretty sleep I will have 💗

Please forgive me if I have missed your square, it wasn’t intentional, I tried to include everyone’s … and now I really really need a break from looking at my phone 🙈😂


I am enjoying reading the stories behind what is your ‘my thing’. It is so satisfying being able to do something we love ❤️

Here is a selection from this weeks theme #craftastherapy_mything and thank you to this talented group for sharing them with us 🌟

@marykedolls makes such adorable dolls and has shared her story in her feed a few posts back ❤️
@stria.marty I love these simple yet beautiful gift tags ☘️
@ateliersopra your amazing tapestry crochet patterns really are ‘your thing’ 💠
@bsvitlana incorporating nature and crochet flowers in such a peaceful way 🌺

Please keep sharing your stories of what is your ‘my thing’ and remember to also use the regular #craftastherapy tag.

Happy Day to You All 🌻


I have been browsing the inspirational #craftastherapy feed, looking for some different crafts to feature. I am amazed at how much crochet and knitting dominates in there, so I had to search deep and found these to share … .

@crochetcreator – painting with a hot glue gun … very different and how interesting 🌿
@pet_pastel_portraits – how cute is this drawing of someone’s pet guinea pig 🌟
@earth_balance_craft – a dear little wire and bead bird ornament 🐦
@crochetpower – linocut print making. I remember doing this at school and how much fun it was 🍃

Thank you for sharing your special creations with us 😊

Back to work for me and luckily it is outside today under a gorgeous blue sky and glorious sunshine 💙☀️💙

Wishing you all happy day, evening or sleep 😴


I’m back with some more ‘my thing’ stories that have been shared for this weeks theme #craftastherapy_mything🌟

@leylasilkandwool Leyla has realised it is more the ‘process in the making’ that is ‘her thing’, rather than the final result 🌀
@mayte.m.t Mayte enjoys herself more when the piece/garment she is making is for someone else, ‘handmade gifts’ is ‘her thing’ 💗
@myheartbelongstoireland This one I found very interesting … ‘planned pooling’ is Erin’s ‘thing’ I understand what it is, however I have no idea how you do it 🤔 The end results are very eye catching 💠
@simlikes Simone likes to ‘add a little touch of herself’ in the things she makes, like the sleeve details on her recently finished summer top 💜

Thank you for sharing with us a little bit about you 😊

Happy Friday or Happy Weekend depending on where you are 🌎🌍🌏


Hello 😁 I hope you are enjoying your weekend ☀️🌿🌻

I am squeezing in one more collage from this weeks theme #craftastherapy_mythingbefore I hand over to our next moderator 🌼

@crochetspecs If Terese finds herself in a crochet rut, her ‘thing’ to do is make another pineapple from her own pattern 🍍 sounds like a perfectly good idea to me 😉🍍
@felty995 How cute are these felt animals 🐱 Felting really is Carol’s ‘thing’ even her Granny Square for Granny Square Day 2017 had the sweetest little felt flower posy in the centre 🌸
@erika.and.crow Crocheting blankets is Erika’s ‘thing’ and this one is really lovely … 💙 that blue!! 💙
@ella_makes I’m sure you will agree this is an impressive and adorable collection of crochet animals 💗 all made by Gabriela and mostly without a pattern 😅 Amigurumi really is her ‘thing’ 💗🐸🐒🐧🐌

Thank you to this talented group for sharing with us your lovely work and what your ‘my-thing’ is 😊


Before I hand over to our next moderator, I would like to say thank you for a great week of sharing your beautiful creations with us. Thank you also for your kind support to me and others in our community 💗

My week to moderate was well timed, with the Granny Square Day celebration 🎉 It was a lot of fun and I loved the amazing virtual blankets that were created from your gorgeous Granny Squares 🌟

I’m handing over to a very talented lady, with beautiful colour palettes and such calmness to her photos 🌼 Welcome Annelies @annelies.leask🌼 Wishing you a great week 💛

Until next time, take care,
Fiona @millefleurs13 xx

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