CAT Week

CAT Week: 29 July – 5 August with Danica @flossiecottage


Hello dear friends… its Danica @flossiecottage – so happy to be back as moderator this week!! I am starting to plan for <whispers> Christmas… and have been looking for color inspiration everywhere!! The sky has really given me so my pretty palettes lately.


💙 I’d really like to see and hear how you come up with your color choices and how you pull together a plan for your projects…big and small. Tag your pictures with the #craftastherapy_colorplanning tag so I can see your pictures. Much love to you all sweet people!!


Crafters: @satujatarinoita @botondeflor @annelies.leask @crafty_cc 

Hello friends!! Loving the way these ladies plan! I have a book that my projects take life in first…colors, pictures and a rough time frame all go in there. How about you?
Have a peek at the lovely accounts of

Back in a bit to share some more from the #craftastherapy gallery!!


Hello crafty people…
Love love the random color inspiration that makes me all 😍!! @whimsyhen I like this color combination…it’s going in my planning notebook!! Thank you for sharing lovely.


THIS…my friends!! ❤️ Really love the colors here!


Crafters: @suzannemartin @kountingsheep @sandacrochet and @jollijenniandchlola 

Good morning from the west coast!! Loving these bold colors and the different ways they were planned out….go have a look see!

Thank you for tagging their gorgeous makes with the #craftastherapy_colorplanning tag!
Be back soon to share some more!!


Well that week flew by!! I’m busy getting kids ready for school and sending my firstborn off to college!! How did that happen so fast? Thank you for the lovely week here at @craftastherapy !! I’m handing things off to the very talented Nicola at @hookandtwist . Thank you for playing along with the #craftastherapy_colorplanning theme. Much love to you all!!

Danica xx @flossiecottage

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