CAT Week

CAT Week: 5 – 12 August with Nicola @hookandtwist


Hello all you lovely craft as therapy friends! Its Nicola @hookandtwist  and this week I’m hoping we can use our beautiful community to help each other. We all have those unfinished projects lurking in a drawer or basket somewhere (I have lots!!).


So let’s share using the tag #craftastherapy_unfinished. Maybe you’ve got stuck with the pattern, maybe it didn’t look the way you thought it would in your head, maybe you don’t know the best way to finish something off?

Browse the #craftastherapy_unfinished tag and see if you can help spur someone on. A word of encouragement, a suggestion on colours, help with a pattern? Let’s help each other out! I can’t wait to share some of them with you too… I’m sharing this one to get us started. I misread the pattern and didn’t realise until it was too late. I was cranky with myself, felt disheartened and gave up! I’m pretty sure I just need to carry on and the pattern mixup won’t matter too much!


I’m so impressed with everyone’s #craftastherapy_unfinishedpictures! So many great works in progress. It sounds like lack of hours in the day is the number one reason projects are still unfinished ⏰🕰⏲ I can’t help you with that one I’m afraid 😆 Thank you for sharing so far and don’t forget to share any tricky projects that you might need help moving forward with!


And this is the reason I end up with so so many unfinished things; I see gorgeous projects in my feed and feel the need to instantly try one! I’m absolutely desperate to start the hotel of bees shawl like these from and @thedizzylimits. And then the cutest 🐙 here from @crochet_bee and maybe my first ever cross stitch project I should try from @clementineandthread? Must. Finish. Stuff. First. 😱


You’ll get there 😊 📷 @minimyarnism ✏️ borrowed from inspo memes 😘


Crafters: @karinwidemar @neverjillian @twelvepins @susiseenredaofical

Some more unfinished beauties being worked on. Keep going; they’re so lovely!


Crafters: @honouringme @fluorlight1@missellymade and @colormadehappy

I’m feeling decidedly ordinary this morning (that’s Australian for sick 🤒🤧😷) but the @craftastherapy feed is cheering me up no end. Thanks so much for sharing!


Sharing one more beautiful unfinished project with you all before I hand over to the next lucky moderator. Gosh this week has flown by! This pastel lovely was shared by @peachtreecrochet . Thank you all for sharing your creations this week.


Well it’s been a wonderful week, thank you so much for having me. I loved seeing all your works in progress! I’m handing over to the fantastic Fiona @millefleurs13 and I can’t wait to see what theme she has in store for us. And apologies for the weird font on this 👆🏻I’m jacked up on flu meds and it’s all a bit much for me 😷😆 Thanks and much love till next time Nicola @hookandtwist x

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