CAT Week

CAT Week: 14 – 20 Oct with Annelies @annelies.leask


Thank you Danica for the kind introduction and thank you to everyone who joined in and spread awareness over the past few weeks with #lovecraftmentalhealth. –
It’s always lovely to be back here and I’m excited to kick this week off with a new theme. In my part of the world the weather is turning colder and the nights are drawing in, always a perfect excuse for some cosy crafting in my opinion. I’d love it if you like to join me in sharing your warm and snuggly craft endeavours this week with the tag #craftastherapy_cosy. And of course keep tagging to the main tag #craftastherapy as I’ll be sharing from there too.

Happy crafting! ✨
Annelies @annelies.leask


While I give you all a chance to get your cosy crafts on for this week’s theme #craftastherapy_cosy I thought I’d share these super pretty makes from the main #craftastherapy tag. They’re all just gorgeous! 🌸💗

TL: @martinacrochets
TR: @dollyhenryau
BL: @crochetgirl99
BR: @sweet_sharna


These beautiful autumnal tones caught my eye from this weeks theme #craftastherapy_cosy! Don’t they give you all the warm fuzzy feels! 🍁🍂

TR: @naturecraftswithlove
BL: @knothing_usual
BR: @thecrochetcottage

Have a happy start to the week! 💗



Who else loves a pop of yellow at the moment. So eye-catching! Found all these lovelies on #craftastherapy. 💛

TL: @tinycurl
TR: @knittycatcrochet
BL: @sproutwhitstable
BR: @knitpurlhook

Hope you’re having a great day? I met my new baby nephew today for the first time so my Monday was super special. ✨


I came across this quote and just had to share. Who else can relate to this? ☺️

Beautiful yarn shot by @virkalitevarjedag


I’ve been getting all cosy today with lots of baking for the school bake sale and of course a little bit of crochet. Looks like these lovely ladies have been getting cosy with some beautiful makes over at #craftastherapy_cosy too. I love them all! 😍

TL: @elff.krcc
TR: @tricotriu
BL: @mgnicolau
BR: @kleinmaarfijn_anique

Happy cosy crafting! 🍂


I love crafting with colour but I have a serious soft spot for neutrals too and these lovely images really caught my eye from the main #craftastherapy tag. And who wouldn’t want to give that gorgeous bear a cuddle. 🖤

TL: @mitxoko
TR: @amandakait
BL: @engagedweaving
BR: @naturally_nora_crochet

Happy creating! 🖤


Pretty flowers and cosy knits. What could be better! Thanks for tagging these lovely projects to the #craftastherapy_cosy theme ladies. 🌸💙

TL: @ruthinthegarden
TR: @maakhetff
BL: @novelsnob
BR: @poppy_creates

Hope you’re all having a wonderfully cosy day. 💗


Love this saying! I’ve definitely spotted lots of beautiful things coming together over on #craftastherapythis week. Go take a look and spread some love if you get a chance.

Gorgeous knitting and photograph by @sheepdays. 😍

Happy crafting everyone! 💗


I couldn’t not share a pumpkin image seeing as it’s October! Who’s excited for Halloween! 🎃

TL: @favole_imperfette
TR: @dustydimples
BL: @mse_akkus
BR: @happy.forms_crochet

Happy crafting! 🔶


Cosy pastels to brighten up your day. The week is coming to a close but there’s still time to play along with a cosy theme if you’d like to. Just tag your cosy makes to #craftastherapy_cosy. 💗

TL: @crafty_cc
TR: @mervedenlikol
BL: @bunda_darista
BR: @jellybean_junction

Happy Friday! 💕


Aren’t these makes from the #craftastherapy tag fabulous! A winter wreath is definitely on my to do list. ❄️

TL: @hanjancrochet
TR: @mintyyarn
BL: @sunday_time
BR: @portibon

Hope you’re all enjoying your Friday! 💙


Here’s one last #craftastherapy_cosy grid before I sign off. Thank you so much to everyone who joined in. I thoroughly enjoyed seeing all your wonderful cosy crafts.💗

TL: @anni_gurumi
BL: @liekevb88
BR: @emmyandlien

Happy weekend lovelies! ❤️


Thanks for a lovely week everyone, I’ve had a blast but my time here is up so I’m going to leave you in the wonderfully capable hands of @neverjillian. If you haven’t checked out her beautiful account and gorgeous plant collection, crochet and otherwise, I’d highly recommend you pay it a visit. 🌿

Until next time! 💗
Annelies @annelies.leask

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