CAT Week

CAT Week: 16 – 23 September with guest mod, Nadia @cottagenotebook


Hi Everyone, I’m Nadia @cottagenotebook and I’m coming to you from Ireland which is very green, wet and cold at the moment. Thank so much for the amazing week on #craftastherapy_newFiona, I really enjoyed seeing all of the projects on display and I even have a #liula scarf in my projects list for this winter!


For those that know me you know that I combine my IG feed with the great outdoors because I love gardening/exploring as much as I love crafting. Autumn is my favourite season between spiced lattes, cold nips in the air and all of that wonderful world of inspiring colour changes in nature. So this week I would love to see all of your projects either In nature (i.e.go outside) or inspired by nature (in case it’s a terrible week and none of us get out because of the rain) . So share your images using #craftastherapy_outside.

I’m excited to start sharing and I will be showing projects from the regular tag #craftastherapy this week as well. I really am excited to get to know you all a little better.


Wow, I am so impressed at the number of you who ventured outside today or took nature into your projects with those gorgeous autumnal colours or crafts. I chose 2 from the #craftastherapytag and two from @craftastherapy_outsideas I thought that was fair.
Please continue to share your projects using these tags as I will be choosing from there tomorrow.

Top Left: @trishlemoose

Top Right:@jellybean_junction

Bottom Left: @littlebudcreations

Bottom Right: @jaqulinesplats

Thank you all so much for embracing the new theme. I’m really excited to see what tomorrow brings from such a talented bunch of people.


Good morning all.

I thought we could start this morning with Afmaeli by @homebylouise.
Congratulations Louise and what a gorgeous sweater finished just in time for the autumn/winter season.

Happy Monday everyone and I’m hoping to share some outdoor joy with you all this week. Don’t forget the tags #craftastherapy and #craftastherapy_outside so I can find you.


Well hello all, how are we getting through Monday? How about a pick me up in the form of this beautiful needlepoint by @rosaechocolat

I love seeing all different types of crafts from all of you, I may even find a new one here this week. Do you have many hobbies or are you monogamous crafter?


Eveining all, it was quite hard for me to get a clean grid so excuse the borders 🙈but drum roll please *******

Clockwise around the grid starting from top left we have @sweetbellyjordanfollowed by the autumnal flatlay from @silverpebble2 those gorgeous tray of pumpkins from and the fabulous card wreath from @scrapandcardsbyirina *************

I will be back with a fabulous goodnight image from one of you a little later on!


And so it’s a goodnight from me. See you all in the morning. Looking forward to more nature inspired images.

I leave you with @verbaer and her beautiful crochet.



Good morning folks. I hope today is going well for you all. I thought we could start today with a botanical coffee with your wips.

Time to pick up your projects and get sharing. This beautidul image is from @cute_laboratory. Congratulations!

Are there any questions for me from the craft community today?


Today got very out of hand here at the cottage so for tonight im going to say goodnight with this fabulous hat from @joyfuljaxcrochets.and.knits.

I will be back with a grid in the morning.

Are you enjoying this week so far? How is it going for you all??


Good Morning All,
I am just popping on for a quick hello with my coffee this morning. How are you all getting on?

I thought I could share some joy with this colourful grid.

Clockwise we have:
Top Left: @ceitaspasaule

Top Right: @lejardindeceline

Bottom Right: @nillams

Bottom Left: @sirin_hobi

I will be sharing images later on from #craftastherapy and #craftastherapy_outside. So keep those images coming!


Good Evening folks and how are we all getting on today?

I thought I could share this beautiful Bunny with you from @kedito

Don’t worry if I haven’t featured you there is another grid to come before I sign off for tonight.

Tomorrow I have a stash diving job to do. Are any of you scared of your craft stash?
Please tell me it’s not just me….


Good Morning Crafters!

I believe I owe you a grid before I go on a stash hunt these are from #craftastherapy_outside

top Left @sixsparne

top right @lbk_crochet

Bottom Left @bsvitlana

bottom right

Don’t worry I will be featuring Images on our Instagram Stories today and next up is a grid from #craftastherapy a little after lunchtime today.
Congrats everyone!


Good evening guys, my apologies I got swept up in some things here. I note none of you sent out a search party incase i got buried in my stash!

This evenings beautiful feature is by @frostvirka who is designing some very beautiful mittens!

Congrats Ellinor!

Now I’m off to celebrate a personal achievement so you may not hear from me tonight but i will be back with grids a plenty tomorrow.


Hello and #HappyFriday to you all!

I hope you all are enjoying this week’s theme. We have a grid for you now from #craftastherapy_outside.  Congratulations guys and in the grid we have:
Top left:@susiseenredaoficial

Top Right:@zbrkazdola

Bottom right : @ceitaspasaule

Bottom left @arkandthread

I wil be back a little later on with a grid from #craftastherapy!
Chat Soon!


Good Evening,

I hope you are all ready for a new mod! I’m going to hand over soon so before i say my goodbye post here arw my picks from #craftastherapy on Friday

Top left: @happily.yarn.after
Top right: @alexafedorova
Bottom left: @tanjadaniels68
Bottom right: @kilmouskiscraftbox

Thank you all so much, for a fun week. Enjoy your weekend.


It has been one amazing week getting to know all of you a little better and sharing those wonderful #craftastherapy_outside images. I’m so sorry I can’t feature everyone, so many amazing projects that I wanted to highlight.

Now, I’ll hand you over to our next mod the very talented Nicola from @hookandtwist. Nicola is pretty nifty with a hook and her IG feed is filled with beautiful crochet and relaxing images.

Please make her feel welcome and give her a big craft hug to our family.

Until I see you all again, Thank you so much, I’ll miss you guys.




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