CAT Week

CAT Week: 20 – 28 Oct with Jill @neverjillian


Hello fellow crafters!

It’s great to be back in charge of this fantastic space for the week, and thank you for the warm welcome back @annelies.leask.

The last few weeks have been ridiculously busy in my world, between school holidays/school returning/ summer sports starting up/ house work/ work/ life in general I’ve felt pretty swamped. As a result of this I haven’t been able to actually give much thought to a theme for my week, so I decided to keep it simple and stick with the original hashtag for this group, #craftastherapy. I’m sorry if this is disappointing for any of you, but sometimes life just gets in the way.

So please, share all of you gorgeous creations this week to #craftastherapy and hopefully I’ll get some time to slow down and enjoy some craft as therapy myself!

Have a great day and I’ll see you all tomorrow morning, Jill xx


Good morning!

These beautiful winged creatures and lovely calming colours caught my eye this morning. I always enjoy seeing crafts other than crochet in the #craftastherapy feed too, even though crochet is my main love.

Thank you for sharing your gorgeous work with us @hilariafina @shirleyrainbow_tb@kikalite @ohsewbootiful.

Have a fantastic day, Jill xx


Good afternoon, it’s been a bit of a lazy Sunday here, with lunch at the beach and now a little crochet and couch time.

Anyone that follows me will know that I’m a fan of plants and flowers, real or crocheted, so I couldn’t go past these creations in the #craftastherapy gallery.

Thank you for sharing your work @thata_pang @yardagedesign@soldenochedecocrochet @satujatarinoita
I hope you’ve all had a great Sunday, or have a good one to come.


Happy Monday everyone! If it’s still Sunday where you are, lucky you. For the rest of us, welcome to a new week. I’m currently on my way to work on the train and hanging out for a coffee, but what I’d really rather be doing is a bit of the above- crafting and coffee please!
Thanks for sharing to the #craftastherapygallery @lindsay_lou_crochet @ezzystitch@littlebudcreations @crochetbyredagape
Have a great day everyone!


The texture that can be created with a piece of yarn always amazes me! The possibilities really are endless right? I’d like one of each of these please @maysinstagram @ozlemin_hobiatolyesi@sarilynne @angela242! Thank you for sharing your lovely work to #craftastherapy
It’s nearly bedtime for me here, so goodnight and keep crafting


My favourite colour! I can never go past it and I’m sure I have way too many mint/aqua/teal yarns in my stash. I just can’t seem to help it! Do you have a colour that you are constantly drawn to?
Thanks for sharing to #craftastherapy@handmadebec @pinkreindeer@pandagourgh @valentincarlettini, have a great evening or day or morning as the case may be!


Even though Picasso’s quote referenced art I think crafting at the end of the day has the same effect. There’s nothing better than sitting down with a cup of tea and some crochet to clear my mind of the day’s worries and stress.
I’m sure @krochetheaven would agree with this beautiful calming colour palette.
Have a great day, I hope you manage to fit in some crafting.


How cute are these gorgeous smiling faces in their cosy beanies ( and that side eye!) It’s meant to be spring here but the weather can’t quite make up its mind between warming up or staying rainy and grey. One of these could come in handy at the moment!

Thanks for sharing to the #craftastherapygallery @craftn_crochet @northern_knots@thepatchworklife @manuskacrochet

Have a great day everyone!


I don’t know about you but I’d love to collapse into that pile of pom poms right about now! And the rest of these creations just made me happy. I hope you like them too, and thanks for sharing @picotpals @fluorlight1 @pom.maker@flo_and_dot
Have a great evening, or afternoon, or morning as the case may be, and happy crafting!


It’s Friday night here, my favourite night of the week. The working week is done and the whole weekend is waiting.

I’m hoping I get some time this weekend to do a bit of crochet, have you got much crafting planned?

These creations caught me eye in the #craftastherapy gallery while I was sipping my Friday night post-work glass of red. Thanks for sharing @jamaleh_gyulay@papermoonfactory @thecraftpatch@thimble_lou15

Have a great evening!


Once again the time has come to pass on the baton for the moderator duties for this great space. Thanks for having me, I enjoyed scrolling through the tag that launched this community in the first place.
Please welcome the amazingly talented crocheter and designer Amanda @yarn_house. One of her beautifully intricate mandalas is on my list to make one day
Have a great weekend everyone, Jill xx

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