CAT Week

CAT Week: 30 Sept – 7 Oct with Aki @knitpurlhook


Thank you Nicola @hookandtwist for a wonderful week and a warm welcome 😊.

Hello all you lovely crafters. It is always such a pleasure to come spend some time here with all your amazing makes and share and connect with this generous and supportive community.


I found this gorgeous weave in the #craftastherapy feed this morning. Thank you James @engagedweaving for sharing this beautiful make and journey behind it. I encourage you all to go pay James a visit on his page and read his story about this make.
We all have dealt with mental health issues in our life – either personally or have known someone close to us who has. Let’s take this week to share our stories and makes using the #lovecraftmentalhealth cos the more we talk the more awareness we create about this invisible illness and let people know that they are not alone. You are welcome to use the #craftastherapy tag as well.

Aki 💕


The endless possibilities of these gorgeous yarn pics I found under the #craftastherapy tag are making me forget all about the Monday blues 😍💕.

Please scroll right to see the individual images by @looplondonloves @mobiusgirl@the.pixelparade & @zamhandmade


Thank you so much Kaisha @whimsyhen for sharing this beautiful and powerful image with us all. Thank you also for opening up and sharing your story (please head over to the image on her page to read her story).

Kaisha writes – “To others who are suffering: you are not alone. It gets better. And then it gets worse again. But healing is not linear. There are no rules! Be gentle with yourself, and know that with time and patience, the pain will soften around the edges and your spirit will burn all the brighter for it.”


Does anyone else get drawn to different colours in different seasons?? I’m going through a major yellow/mustard phase this spring/fall! So when I saw these gorgeous makes under the #craftastherapytag, I just had to share them with you all.

Thank you @handmadebyditsytulip@flamingpot @marshavalk @fannysliebstefor sharing these amazing images. You can scroll right to see the individual images.✨


The one common thing I found going through the #lovecraftmentalhealth tag today is that no two experiences/stories/struggles/fights are the same. We ALL deal with stress/anxiety/illness in a different manner. But we ALL strive towards coping with it to the best of our abilities. I sincerely thank all these crafters for sharing their journeys and stories with us all. I encourage you to visit these images on their pages to read about how crafting has helped and is helping them get through the difficult times.
Thankyou @mariasbluecrayon@knothing_usual @craftingwithfelicity@morbidknits @4theluvofyarn@nannasapprentice.


Everyone meet Coni Darko! The new diva 👨‍🎤 on the block!! Isn’t he glorious 😍?? and the chunky crochet next to him is so squishy too!! Thank you @alimaravillas for sharing this super cute image with us all.


Thank you everyone for a wonderful week. It was really heart warming to read everyone’s stories & experiences. Now it’s time for we to hand over the reigns to the fabulous Danica @flossiecottage. I’m sure you will give her warm welcome.

Aki 💕

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