CAT Week

CAT Week: 9 – 16 September with Fiona @thedizzylimits


Hi everyone 👋🏻 and thanks for an awesome week Nat (@littlecosythings ) for a and a very warm welcome. It’s been fabulous seeing all the makes for the men, little and big, in our lives!

This week I’ve started a few new projects and thankfully finished some. One of these projects was also a new to me craft, sashiko, Japanese embroidery.
This week I’d love to see all your new projects, especially if you’ve attempted a new craft with #craftastherapy_new

What better way to start a new season?! I look forward to sharing projects from the regular tag #craftastherapy this week as well.



Crafters – @flossie_and_boo @saylittlehen @cozycrocheting @sewfarmquilter

So many beautiful makes and creative people in the #craftastherapytag. These all feel like spring to me, maybe because I’m eager for the colour and warmth we’re heading for in Australia.

Please continue to tag to #craftastherapy_new and I’ll be sharing from there tomorrow.
I hope you’ve all had a fabulous weekend…we enjoyed a touch of warmth today. Now to settle back with a cup of tea and my new project x


Crafters – @whimsyhen @knothing_usual @joyfuljaxcrochets.and.knits @brightbag

Well, you’ve certainly all started some new projects with gusto this week.

I love these new makes. Everyone is gearing up for the new season ahead, wherever you are, a new week and trying something new and collaborating with their children. All so very beautiful.

Thanks for sharing everyone.

Keep tagging to #craftastherapy_new for this weeks theme.


Crafters – @colormadehappy @felty995 @rainbowroseartwork @jojasca

It’s been quite a day here and I thankfully got to settle back with some crochet. Because craft really is my therapy and way of realigning myself.

And coming across inspiration in the #craftastherapy tag like these colourful crafts really brightens your day too.

So many clever and colourful people in this world of ours.

Thanks so very much for sharing. Please continue to tag to #craftastherapy_new and I’ll be featuring more from there tomorrow xx


Crafters – @kehribar_hobiatolyesi @zielonygroszek_slowtoys @zipzipdreams @mani_di_anne

So many new additions or newly finished projects in the #craftastherapy_new gallery!
And I’m a bit of a sucker for a new project that involves a toy.
Or anything really 🙊

Hope you you all had a fabulous Wednesday or have an awesome one if you’re just starting it 😀

Thanks so much for sharing your creativity and I’ll be back tomorrow with another feature.


Crafters – @dollyhenryau @emyahandmade @gerardine62 @esthersunday1

I just love the way handmade crafts have a vintage yet modern vibe about them. It helps you feel connected to the crafters who came before you.

I loved these makes for just that reason. And got lost for ages delving into the #craftastherapy tag.

Hope you’re all having a fabulous week. We’re very nearly at the weekend here and I’m gearing up for some craft time. What are your plans?

See you tomorrow for another set of features xx


Crafter – @lejardindeceline

Yesterday was ‘R U OK?’ day across Australia and I’m afraid I missed the chance to remind you all.

However, the beauty of this campaign is that it’s a way of reminding us to ask our friends, family or people we meet about how they’re feeling.

To connect with those around and follow up with them. Sometimes their response doesn’t feel right or you’re compelled to check up on them.

It’s ok not to be ok. And it’s ok to tell others if you need help.

And this is the fabulousness of this community. We use our craft as therapy and support those around us who might need propping up. Because reaching out online is as important as over the phone or a personal visit.

Have a great day xx


Crafters – @kamalicrochet @jellybean_junction @cozamundo

A new project that involves a shawl? Yes please. I only have two currently, but you can’t have too many shawls can you?

So very tempted to begin one of the ilula shawls 🙈

It’s Friday night here and a weekend full of craft (hopefully) awaits.
What are your plans this weekend?

Thank you all for sharing all your fabulous projects. I’ll be back tomorrow with a couple of features xx


Crafters – @simplybyv @crafty_cc @stitchedupcraft

It’s been another wet day of spring here in Melbourne. A fabulous day to start something new. Or finish a project.

I’ve had sinus most of the day but had a fabulous afternoon crocheting and birthday card making. One of those was a new project 🙊😀 I hope wherever you are you’re having an awesome weekend doing something you enjoy.

I’ll be back later to introduce the next moderator for the week.

Thanks so very much for playing this week and sharing your new projects and skills with us xx


It’s been a fabulous week with you all! Thanks so much for sharing your new things with #craftastherapy_new. I’m so sorry I can’t feature everyone, so many pretty, useful and creative makes I wanted to highlight.

Now, I’ll hand you over to a special guest mod the very talented Nadia from @cottagenotebook

Nadia knits, crochets, crafts and has the cosiest looking IG gallery. I just loved the scrumptious colours and familiarity in this jumper/top.

Please make Nadia feel very welcome.

Until next time you fabulously creative and lovely bunch xx

Fiona xx

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