CAT Week

CAT Week: 4 Nov – 11 Nov with Aki @knitpurlhook


Thank you so much Amanda @yarn_house for the warm welcome and hands on week😊

Hello all you lovely crafters! Hope everyone is enjoying a relaxing weekend. I have been busy assembling IKEA furniture but since it’s for my study/craft room I am more than happy to put up with the temporary annoyance! 😆


Also, so glad to be back here moderating this week. And even more excited about the #craftastherapy_gradient theme for this week. This is my current obsession. The possibilities are just endless with the gradient/ombré effect. I’m hoping a lot of you will be able to join in and share your gorgeous makes with us. .
You can continue to share under the #craftastherapy tag as well.

Aki 💕


Look at these gorgeous pics I found under the #craftastherapy_gradienttag. .
Thank you @annelies.leask@tangleandstitch @crochetedbytess & @forever_autumn_ for sharing these beautiful images with us all.

You can continue to share under the #craftastherapy tag as well.


How amazingly gorgeous is this #crochetblanket Gwen @stitchgwen is working on?!? All the 😍 for this.

What kind of yarns do you all like using for the gradient/ombré effect? Are you team self striping or you like to make your own colour palette?!


Look what I found under the #craftastherapy tag! Thank you @buttonandblue@rawbatchsoap & @_riaparamita_ for sharing these beautiful images and makes with us.


Another gorgeous #crochetblanket I found under the #craftastherapy_gradient tag! Thank you@wendicrocheter for sharing this beautiful make with us all.


How gorgeous are all these colourful images I found under the #craftastherapy_gradient tag.

Thankyou @crafticland @minnymorkcreative@ana.moraissoares & @quedespacioestas for sharing these lovely makes with the #craftastherapy community.


In our day to day busy routine we so often forget to sit back, take a deep breathe and relax. Sometimes it’s ok to have a few things still pending on the to-do list. Being kind to ourselves and enjoying what we have and the moment we are in is so important in today’s time. So tonight put your feet up, enough a cup of tea/coffee or a glass of wine and spend time doing what you love most. On this note I’m off to weave 😆 while watching the new season of Stranger things!!

Thank you Celine @crafty_cc for sharing this beautiful image with us all under the #craftastherapy tag.


Another set of gorgeous makes I found under the #craftastherapytag. Thank you @knoopkracht @leenarkis@ponderbird & @mariamzzzzz for sharing & inspiring us all through your beautiful images!!


These colours are giving me all the feels 🙌🏽😍💕.

Thank you Camilla @zamhandmade for sharing this AMAZING collection of yarn & pom-poms with us under the #craftastherapy_gradient theme this week.

Happy weekend everyone ✨


I just couldn’t resist sharing all these gorgeous images I found under the #craftastherapy_gradient & #craftastherapy tag.

Thankyou @naturecraftswithlove@thimble_lou15 @satyaceramics@icepandora.creations & @mitxoko for inspiring us all with these beautiful makes.


Alas, my time has come to pass the baton to our next moderator.

Thank you so much everyone for joining in with this weeks theme and sharing soooo many amazing makes under both #craftastherapy & #craftastherapy_gradienttag. .
And now please give a warm welcome to the super talented @marretjeroos. Have a wonderful week Marianne!!.

Aki 💕

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