CAT Crafter Interview with Suzanne @suzannemartin

Interview with CAT Crafter – Suzanne @suzannemartin


Where do you live?: I live in Sunbury, which is a small town on the outskirts of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

What craft is your therapy?: Have dabbled in a lot of crafts over the years , but my passion at the moment is creating things with vintage woollen blankets. I love everything about old woollen blankets, their cosiness, their texture and their gorgeous muted colours. I currently have over 100 blankets (all cut into of course).
How long have you been crafting for?: I have crafted on and off for most of my adult years, but more so in the last three years since my retirement.
Tea or coffee?: Most definitely tea. Have four to six cups a day. Cannot stand the smell or taste of coffee.
Favourite Quote?: ‘If it is to be, it is up to me’. Basically we are all responsible for our own destiny.  Also, on a side note, I love how this quote is made up entirely of two letter words.
Your CAT story?: My daughter introduced me to Instagram a few years ago. I am now totally addicted.  I am totally in awe and inspired by so many creative and talented people worldwide. I chat on a daily basis with people around the globe and have formed close bonds with many.  I have met many like minded Instagrammers in person, who now have become close friends. I had a bit of a void in my life since my children left home and my retirement, but it was after seeing all the amazing creations on Instagram that my interest in craft was re ignited. I can’t imagine not having some form of craft in my life.
Thank you for sharing with us Suzanne @suzannemartin 😘



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