CAT Week

CAT Week: 18 – 25 Nov with Nicola @hookandtwist


Hi everyone 👋 and thanks to Marianne @marretjeroos for such a beautiful week!
This week I’m hoping you’ll share some gift inspiration for the fast approaching holiday season (not forgetting end of school year gifts too!). Have you got a failsafe quick and easy make? A perfect stocking filler toy? A future heirloom gift you’ve been working on all year maybe?


Share your #craftastherapy_giftideas with us! I can’t wait to see what all you clever CAT crafters are making 🎁💝 Nicola @hookandtwist

Pictured is a little love heart i made as a gift for my son when he started Kindergarten. I added beaded strands for him to play with when he was feeling nervous and he could hold the love heart and know i was thinking of him ❤️


Let’s get the gift ideas ball rolling with some very cute ideas for the little people in our lives (or big, I mean who doesn’t want a crochet crown 🤴?)

Thanks to these makers for sharing these great ideas with us!

TL @deartomyartcreations
TR @annelies.leask
BL @frossenfuldmaane
BR @munisesi

I’ll be back later with more #craftastherapy_giftideas and some beautiful other craft pics from the everyday #craftastherapy feed too.


Mellow yellow 🌞🌟🌼💛

Beautiful makes shared on the CAT feed by:
TL @samjaynestreet
TR @elin__ingrid
BL @knitpurlhook
BR @shanscustomcrochet

I’ll be back later with some more wonderful gift ideas from this week’s theme 😊


Well aren’t these some great #craftastherapy_giftideas?! I’m definitely going to be adding a few of these to my ‘must make before december’ list! Pop over to the makers’ pages to see them in detail.

TL @evacharlie_kreakaos
TM @emmyandlien
TR @zipzipdreams
MM @cupcakebyme
MR @lfp_1994
BL @craftingwithfelicity
BM @novelsnob
BR @thimble_lou15

Please keep sharing your gift ideas, I know everyone is getting such great inspiration from seeing them all.


Wishing you all a wonderful day (and hoping you have a little time to fit in your favourite craft too) ❤️

Beautiful heart mandala by Jane aka @queen_babs


Some inspiration in blue from our #craftastherapy tag today 💙

TL @leenarkis
TR @twisty.twistycraft
BL @makicrochet
BR @artesesa_designs

Hope you all have a beautiful day. Remember to share your #craftastherapy_giftideas with us to help us all with our holiday gift planning!


Some more great gift ideas for your handmade Christmas list! Whether you’re making your own gifts or supporting others who make by buying handmade, it’s so lovely giving something that you know was made with love 💗

I love these all, thank you for sharing 🎪❤️🐰🎅
TR @hurerdemir
BL @mel3006_
BR @zbrkazdola

Have a beautiful day!


Trying to squeeze a few more gorgeous gift ideas with you before I hand over the CAT feed and we have a new theme. Aren’t these lovely?

TR @yarn_house
BL @whimsyhen
BR @kehribar_hobiatolyesi

Thanks for sharing with us!


I’ve run out of time again! So many beautiful gift ideas not to mention all the usual amazing makes under the CAT tag. There’s just never enough time to share them all!

Thanks to all our beautiful CAT community for continuing to share your creations with us.

I’m happy to hand over to the lovely Angie from @gamercrafting for this week. Can’t wait to see what she has in store for us.

Thank you for having me again, it’s always such a pleasure to be here, Nicola @hookandtwist ❤️

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