CAT Week

CAT Week: 2 – 9 Dec with special guest – Clare @colourandcrochet


Thank you so much to Angie @gamercrafting for that wonderful introduction! Hi, I’m Clare, and I’m super excited to be moderating this amazing account this week, especially as it’s the first week of December and we’re officially on countdown to Christmas!!


With that in mind, this weeks theme will be #craftastherapy_advent ! I’ve been loving the wonderfully creative handmade advent calendars I’ve been seeing in my feed, and all the festive makes in general, so please get tagging and I’ll share some of my favourites later on 😊. In the meantime, here are some gorgeous cosy festive pictures from the #craftastherapy_hyggeand #craftastherapy_festive feeds – nothing says festive more than the glow of candles, pine cones, and twinkley fairy-lights right! Tap to meet the makers and show them some love!
Have a wonderful day, Clare @colourandcrochet x


I absolutely LOVE this advent calendar that Gillian @gillian_talesfromahappyhouse has made for her children! Not least because of the love, thought and effort that goes into creating family Christmas traditions like this, but also for the fact that it also looks pretty awesome as a festive decoration! How do you like to decorate your home at Christmas? I love the rustic simplicity of this, but also love a ‘more-is-more’ look to!
Keep sharing your festive decorations and handmade pieces and remember to use #craftastherapy_advent !


Handmade Christmas inspo from the #craftastherapy_advent feed – go have a look if you need inspiration for some festive crafting today! Tap to meet the makers! Have a wonderful Sunday all, Clare @colourandcrochet


Some festive amigurumi to kick start your week! Have a great one, and tap to meet the makers! Clare @colourandcrochet


How AMAZING is this wreath by Nicole @tangleandstitch shared on the #craftastherapy_advent feed! I wish I had the patience to make something this intricate! Keep sharing your festive makes using the #craftastherapy_advent tag!


Cosy Cable-knitting gorgeousness over on the #craftastherapyfeed! #knittinggoals right there! Tap to meet the makers, and have a wonderful Tuesday! Clare


Another beautiful handmade advent calendar by @ektelykke ! I think I need to up my mum-game for next year!


Cosy crochet from the #craftastherapy grid today, I’ve not picked up a hook in almost 3 weeks 😱, it’s all knit knit knit here these days! Have a wonderful day and tap to meet the makers


Gorgeous festive decorations over on the #craftastherapy_advent feed! Tap to meet the talented bunch who made them! Have a wonderful Friday, Clare @colourandcrochet


Every time I see these awesome reindeer cuddlies pop up in my feed I desperately want to make one! Maybe next year…… Gorgeous work by @kaz.tung


A final post from me from the #craftastherapy_advent feed before I handover to this weeks guest moderator and a new theme! Tap to meet the crafters behind these gorgeous festive makes, and have a wonderful Saturday! Clare @colourandcrochet


Thankyou to everyone who posted using the #craftastherapy_adventtag this week, I’ve had a fantastic week looking at all your festive crafting! Now I hand over to this weeks guest moderator, my realife insta-pal and yarndale buddy Kate @jellybean_junction . Knowing Kate im sure this week will be filled with gorgeous bright colour and fun makes! Have a wonderful week, Clare @colourandcrochet

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