CAT Week

CAT Week: 25 Nov – 2 Dec with Angie @gamercrafting


Thank you heaps and loads to Nicola @hookandtwist for the lovely introduction! My theme this week is something I’ve been studying on and off for a year now: the concept of #Hygge. It’s a hard word to define in English but it’s like the warmth and cozy feeling you get when you’re drinking fancy hot chocolate, there are candles burning, and you’re with the best people you know. This time of year can be hard for those of us who struggle with anxiety and depression, and I’ve found that practicing Hygge really helps me to focus my thoughts and feel calm. #Knitting#crochet, and reading all help me feel the Hygge.

I’m currently reading The Magician’s Lie by Greer Macalister, it’s fantastic! I’ll be back later to share more cozy photos, but for now I’d love to know what your perfect Hygge evening would look like.
With cozy hugs,
✳️Angie @gamercrafting✳️


I love poking around in the #craftastherapy tag and seeing all the wonderful projects. I’m feeling festive this morning (y wreath is now up!!) so I couldn’t help but share some festive favourite snaps. I’ll be holed up with my mystery hat knit-a-long and some cheesy Christmas movies today, what are you doing on this lovely Sunday? Show the makers some love:


I’m in ❤️ with all the #craftastherapy_hygge snuggly cozy snaps this evening! As promised I sat on the couch all day and #knit my hat, only 18 more rows from cast off! I’m snuggled up with lots of #yarn, bad TV, and my planner planning new hand dyed shades. Here’s hoping you’re all having a lovely evening too, I’ll be back tomorrow with more shares and #hygge for everyone! Show the makers some love:


It’s been a hard start for a Monday morning, but I absolutely cracked up when I saw this in the #craftastherapyfeed from @blacksheepgoods 😂 Thank you for the laugh, I needed it! I’ll be back later with more sharing and #hygge feels.❤️


I know that most of us are here for the #yarn, but I wanted to show some love to the other crafts we know and love, from sewing, to painting, to papercraft, and beyond! It’s why I’m here: craft IS my therapy, and without it I’d be lost. I want to learn to sew properly in 2018, what do you want to learn? Show some ❤️ to our makers:


The journey of a hand dyed #yarn in 5 photos: from naked undyed yarn, to carrying it around and squishing it while I gather inspiration, to the dye pot, to photography for the shop and then posting to people all over the world. This week’s theme, #craftastherapy_hygge, is causing me to reflect on my own life and what brings me happiness and peace. Hand dyeing #yarns is one of my favourite things to do, mixing dyes and mordants makes me feel like a mad scientist in the best way possible. I absolutely love what I do, and I hope I can continue for a long time!


Autumn isn’t over yet, it can’t be! I haven’t had enough apple cider yet! Even so, it’s obvious that the season is coming to an end – but not before I share these gorgeous autumnal vibe snaps from the #craftastherapy_hygge feed! So tell me, crafting community, how are you taking out some time to feel #hygge this week? Please show the talented makers some ❤️:


Im feeling all nature-y this morning as I plan hikes for my trip to Edinburgh this weekend! So I couldn’t help but let that sneak into my moderating this morning with these sky blues and animals. Show some love to the makers:


I think this image from @zbrkazdola perfectly encapsulates the #craftastherapy_hygge feeling this week. 😍 I’m #knitting some toe up socks and drinking a fancypants hot chocolate with toasted hazelnuts and fresh whipped cream! ☕What’s your go to hot drink when the temperatures start to drop?


Since my name is Gamercrafting, and I’m equal parts geeky gamer and crafter/yarn dyer, how could I pass up this Pokémon Psyduck by @knittycatcrochet in the #craftastherapyfeed?! I love it! I need at least 7! 😍🦆 I’m busy packing for my trip to Edinburgh but I’ll be back with some more fun shares later…and maybe tomorrow I’ll show you some guerilla #knitting when I arrive in the city!


I’m 500% in ❤️ with these projects from the #craftastherapy_hyggefeed. 😍😍😍 I’m packing last minute but I couldn’t resist taking a stroll through photos shared by the best #yarn and #craftcommunity on the internet. 😍 Show some ❤️ to our makers:
I might post in the middle of the night if I can’t sleep on the bus! 😂


I told you I’d be back if I couldn’t sleep! I was sitting here thinking about the heaps and heaps of talented people I know in my life, and I started thinking about how antsy I am to #knit this shawl by @annanikipirowicz when it’s released in very early 2018. She’s a stunning talented #knittingand #crochet designer with a knack for clever, intuitive designs that are an absolute joy to make. The next time you’re looking for a new pattern, check hers out first. (She’s making this one with my DK gradient sets! 😍) Anyway I’m off to nap some more…!


I’ve arrived in Edinburgh and after a quick stroll through the Christmas market, I’m feeling so sparkly and festive! And thus I couldn’t help sharing these makes. How are you preparing for the season?
I’ll be back later for another share, and tomorrow I’ll be handing off to your next moderator while I head off to the @edinyarnfest Christmas party!! 🎄


Today, I’m handing you over to Clare of @colourandcrochet! 🎉 She’s incredibly talented and a fabulously creative mind, so I know you’ll have a blast with her this week. I’ll be back as a moderator in a few weeks, but you’re always welcome to come hang out on my feed if you miss me. 😉 I’m off to explore Dunfermline, the ancient capital of Scotland! It’s been a blast moderating this week, you’re all amazing. ❤️
Angie @gamercrafting

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