CAT Crafter Interview with Celine @crafty_cc

Interview with CAT Crafter – Celine @crafty_cc

Where do you live: Victoria, Australia

What craft is your therapy?: I am crazy about crochet at the moment!

How long have you been crafting for?: As long as I can remember! You name it and I’ve probably tried it! I first learnt to crochet 20 months ago and haven’t been able to stop!

Tea or coffee?: Coffee! 😬 (though I do enjoy a cup of tea now and then!)

Favourite quote: “Let the beauty of what you love be what you do.” – Rumi

Why did you choose your IG name crafty_cc?: I wish I had a really cool story behind my username, but in actual fact it’s not that all exciting😂
CC was my childhood nickname and at the time of making my account, I was hesitant to use my actual name to share my crafts – thus crafty_cc! (craftycc was taken 😂)

Is there a crafter that inspires you?:
I admire the creativity and talent that exists in the Instagram crochet community! I am constantly inspired by what I see on the app everyday!

Your CAT story?: I’ve always enjoyed crafting since I was little, but it wasn’t until I became ill as a teenager that I realised how helpful crafting could be for my wellbeing.
Fast forward a few years and a few months before I turned 20, I decided to make the plunge and start documenting my makes on Instagram. While I intended to share a variery of crafts, my love of crochet took over and it’s all I seem to post nowadays! 😁
One year later and I never could imagined attracting such an audience!  It’s been privilege to connect with such talented and supportive makers and share my love of colour to this community! Along with crafting, the crochet community on ig has also become a form of therapy for me! 🌈


Thanks so much for sharing Celine @crafty_cc 😘 #craftastherapyinterview

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