CAT Week

CAT Week: 9 – 16 Dec with special guest – Kate @jellybean_junction


Thank you for the lovely introduction Clare @colourandcrochet ☺️

Hi I’m Kate from @jellybean_junction and I am beyond excited to be looking after the @craftastherapy page this week! 😆🙌🙌


If you are familiar with my account you’ll know that I’m all about crochet and colour – I love all the colours 😍 It will come as no surprise that I’ve chosen the theme #craftastherapy_rainbow which I’m hoping you will all love as much as I do 🌈🌈

I will also be picking up colour themed posts from the #craftastherapy hashtag so keep the gorgeous posts coming! 💜💗❤️🧡💛💚💙


Hello lovely people, how is your weekend going so far? .
As well as posting lots of gorgeous rainbows using the #craftastherapy_rainbow tag I will also be sharing a daily collection of makes inspired by each colour of the rainbow 🌈

Today is a selection of gorgeous red makes I found on the #craftastherapy feed❤️❤️❤️

TL @tinycurl
TR @berrak_fatih
BR @amalsworld87 .


A massive thank you to all of my fellow rainbow enthusiasts for filling the #craftastherapy_rainbow feed with an amazing selection of beautiful projects! 🌈🌈🌈

Here is my first collection☝️😍

TL @tulible
TR @sallytennilledoig
BL @lejardindeceline
BR @ja_ma_ka


Good morning everyone 👋

Today’s colour is ORANGE 🧡🍊🧡🍊 It’s not a colour I work with very often but I love these makes found on the #craftastherapyfeed☝️😍

TL @stria.marty
TR @fullyhooked
BL @leenarkis
BR @seaville .

I’ll be back later with another rainbow coloured selection from the #craftastherapy_rainbow feed – don’t forget to keep tagging your projects 🌈🌈

6.JPGHow is your Sunday? We are having lots of fun in the snow, it’s the first time my 2 year old has experienced it! ⛄️❄️⛄️

The #craftastherapy_rainbow feed is full of wonderful colour, thank you to everyone for tagging your projects! Here is my collection for today ☝️🌈🌈

TL @cozamundo
TR @werkelei
BL @lillavirkevira
BR @trishlemoose


A gorgeous selection of YELLOW makes today, which are sure to brighten up your Monday! 💛💛💛

TL @marretjeroos
TR @mercanhobi
BL @stephrosemakes
BR @susi_haekelt .

I’ll be back later with a daily dose of rainbow coloured goodness from the #craftastherapy_rainbow feed – don’t forget to keep tagging your beautiful makes 😍


Here is today’s selection of rainbows from the #craftastherapy_rainbowfeed ☝️🌈🌈🌈

I’m thrilled that so many of you are sharing your colourful projects – keep them coming 😘😘

TR @hookonepurlone
BL @color_me_reckless
BR @trendypuku

Wow what an exciting morning to wake up to here on the @craftastherapy page! I’m so thrilled to be in charge this week especially as it reaches such an exciting milestone 🙌

Back to business and a selection of GREEN gorgeousness for today’s rainbow colour 💚💚 These awesome posts were taken from the #craftastherapy feed, I’ll be back later today with another rainbow filled selection from the #craftastherapy_rainbow tag 🌈🌈

TL @keepsake_quilting
TR @sewfarmquilter
BL @jstknitweardesigns
BR @botondeflor


How is your Tuesday going? It’s still pretty bleak in this part of the U.K., the snow has turned to ice and it’s sooooo cold! ❄️❄️

Here is my daily instalment of colourful rainbow projects from the #craftastherapy_rainbow feed which have brightened my day! 🌈🌈🌈🌈

TL @yarnrepublic
TR @colourandcrochet
BL @hooked__on__hooky
BR @peachtreecrochet


I can’t believe we are half way through the week already, time flies when you’re having fun! 😆

Here is my selection of BLUE projects from the #craftastherapy feed 💙💙💙

TL @daringbearknits
TR @coz_mai_b
BL @yardagedesign
BR @honouringme

I’ll be back later with my daily selection of rainbows from the #craftastherapy_rainbow feed🌈🌈


Hello, me again! 👋 Fed up of rainbows yet? Of course not – who could ever get bored of beautiful rainbows 🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈

These bright rainbows from the #craftastherapy_rainbow feed are helping me recover from getting absolutely soaked on the school run! 😍😍

TL @crafty_cc
TR @littlecosythings
BL @kerryandtheboys
BL @jellybean_junction


Good morning! How are you all doing today? 👋👋

Here is my selection of PURPLE makes from the #craftastherapy feed – one of my favourite colours 💜💜💜

TL @zbrkazdola
TR @elsie_sweetpea_crochet
BL @emmeclairecrochet
BR @shevelkindesigns .

See you all later with a selection of rainbows from the #craftastherapy_rainbow feed.


Another colourful collection from the #craftastherapy_rainbow feed 🌈🌈🌈🌈

TL @kaz.tung
TR @zeensandroger
BL @stitchedupcraft
BR @suzannemartin


A beautiful selection of PINK projects today from the #craftastherapy feed 💗💗💗

TL @tinycurl
TR @hayleyslittlethings
BL @frederikacreates
BR @justlittlejen .

I will be back later with my last selection of rainbows from the #craftastherapy_rainbowfeed 🌈🌈



It’s my last day here on @craftastherapy before I hand over to the next moderator tomorrow. I’ve had such an amazing week – I hope you’ve enjoyed all of the colour! 😍

Here is my last selection from the #craftastherapy_rainbow feed which is bursting with colourful inspiration 🌈🌈🌈 Thank you to everyone who has tagged their photos and joined in with my theme 😘😘

TL @craftingwithfelicity
TR @fluorlight1
BL @bethannecrochets
BR @jollijenniandchlola

Well that’s it folks, I’m off to prepare for Christmas and leave you in the very capable hands of Angie @gamercrafting 😍

I have had an amazing week looking after the @craftastherapy account, you are an amazing community that I feel honoured to be a part of. Thank you for all of your comments, likes and of course for joining in with my rainbow themed week 🌈🌈

Have a wonderful Christmas and Happy New Year, I hope to see you again soon! Love & hugs, Kate @jellybean_junction 💋💋

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