CAT Crafter Interview with Kylie @stitchedupcraft

CAT Crafter Interview with Kylie @stitchedupcraft

Where do you live?:
Melbourne, Australia

What craft is your therapy?:
Crochet and collecting yarn (maybe not a craft but definitely feels like therapy 😄)

How long have you been crafting:
I’ve been crocheting for 2.5yrs but I’ve been passionate about craft since forever. As a child I would draw all day, and as a teen I made friendship bands and sold them at school.


Tea or coffee?:
Tea if I had to choose between the two. Hot choc if I can add my own option!

Favourite quote?
‘Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results ‘ (Albert Einstein). I think this applies to people and life experiences as well as actions.

Your CAT story?:
2.5yrs ago I came down with a chronic illness that I still struggle with today. Being mostly housebound I was mentally going crazy and struggling to deal with my new reality. The decision to jump onto YouTube and learn to crochet probably saved my life. Crochet takes my mind off dwelling on the things I cannot do, and instead I focus on what I can do, which is rest, look after myself and create with my hook and yarn!



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