CAT Crafter Interview with Lee @coco.crochet.lee

Interview with CAT Crafter – Lee @coco.crochet.lee


Where do you live?:
Windsor, Ontario, Canada


What craft is your therapy?:


How long have you been crafting for?:
about 10 years, since my little Emma-Noël came along.

Tea or coffee?:
coffee!! All the coffee.


Favourite quote?:
‘Blessed are those who can laugh at themselves, for they shall never cease to be amused.

Is there a crafter that inspires you?:
This is a hard question! I’m inspired by so many people in this community. Right now I’m very inspired by photography, and in particular @bookishbronte, he photos are so magical and they really tap into my love of reading. For crochet, probably Vincent from @knot.bad because of how enthusiastic he always is. It warms my heart 😊.

Why did you choose your IG name?:
We call my little 5 year old CoCo as a nickname, so when I started my crochet, I went with CoCo Crochet. It turned out to be quite popular, so I tacked on my name, too ✔️

Your CAT story?:
Crochet is therapy for me because it gives me a place to focus my energy. I am a very creative person, and it provides such a great outlet for my ideas.


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