CAT Week

CAT Week: 13 – 20 Jan with Jill @neverjillian


Hello all you lovely crafters out there. I can’t believe it’s a new year already and I’m back here moderating again!
For my week I’ve chosen a theme that is close to my heart, and that is kids craft. I’m mother to three girls that are constantly making things, drawing, painting and creating, and it makes my heart happy.


So this week I’d love to see what your kids have been up to, and if you don’t have kids you could share something you’ve made for a special child in your life. Please share with us to the #craftastherapy_kidscraft tag.
I’m looking forward to the week ahead, thanks for having me back
Jill xx


I love seeing photos of children making things, and of the wonderful things that they create. How happy do these kids look, thanks for sharing @hookandtwist and
I love the stitching too @bloomthreads and how amazing is the detail in that dragon by the son of @circlesinstars?
Thank you all for sharing to #craftastherapy_kidscraft, I’ll be back later on with some gorgeous makes from the #craftastherapy gallery


Plants, flowers and craft. Such a good combo!
Thanks for sharing with us to the #craftastherapy tag @yarning.hearts@weregoingtomakeit @edith.ethel@andi_bede, your creations are gorgeous


Children are such wonderfully creative little creatures. They are seemingly unafraid of making something the ‘wrong’ way and are so much better at harnessing their creativity than most adults are I think.
If only we could harness some of that creative energy, or maybe just take a leaf out of their book and craft for the pleasure of it rather than worrying about the outcome.
Thank you for sharing your son’s wonderfully chaotic creation to the #craftastherapy_kidscraft gallery @autumnleafcrochet, it’s perfect


How fantastic are these creations? Such clever kiddies you guys have @satujatarinoita @annelies.leask@alittlevintagedoll @gdwitiyas, thank you for sharing their work to the #craftastherapy_kidscraft gallery


Good morning! Well it’s morning here and I’m enjoying a coffee while scrolling through the #craftastherapygallery.
These beautiful soft blues and greens will always have my heart, they are my favourite colours.
Thanks for sharing your gorgeous work @rarepearstudio @kberlew @thata_pang@fairhairedwarriorart


Here are a few more gorgeous creations from the #craftastherapy_kidscraft gallery, my kids have been looking through the pictures and getting all sorts of inspiration.
Thanks for sharing your children’s gorgeous work @handmade_by_miss_ellie@raspberryrainbow @brightbag@pickleandbelle
Keep crafting kiddies!


And today we have some fine specimens of that rare and elusive beast- finished creations in the wild! ( it’s better if you imagine that bit in David Attenborough‘s voice!)
Thanks for sharing these creative pictures with us @trishlemoose@crochetbetweenworlds@havenwoodfarmco @wishingonayarnball


Messy hands and happy faces!
Thanks for sharing your gorgeous crafty kids to the #craftastherapy_kidscraft gallery @littlecosythings @cozamundo@thedizzylimits @chainspacedesigns

Well, another week has to a close and it’s time to hand over to the next moderator, the lovely Annelies @annelies.leask. She is a talented crocheter who always uses the most beautiful colour palette ( and shares my love of plants!)
Thank you to everyone that joined in on the theme this week, it was lovely seeing all of those beautiful creations and happy crafting kids.
Please make Annelies welcome and I’ll see you all next time
Jill @neverjillian

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