CAT Week

CAT Week: 16 – 23 Dec with Angie @gamercrafting


Hello again you gorgeous creative community! I’ve been in the kitchen today, dyeing sparkly #yarn for the shop and baking cookies for decorating! I’m obsessed with my dinosaur shaped cutters (why are there no dinosaur emojis??), and no doubt I’ll share my amateur baking efforts with you all at some point this week.


This week’s theme is #craftastherapy_twinkle, so I want you to show me all your twinklies: glitter, sparkly yarn, beads, buttons, lights, you name it! I’m feeling festive 🎄


Look at all the sparkly festive crafting in the #craftastherapy_twinkle feed this morning!
Show the makers some love:
Today I’m baking more cookies, how about you?


Absolutely in ❤️ with this festive #crossstitch from @hollyannlouise! After a day decorating cookies 🍪 with a friend, I’m feeling all kinds of warm and fuzzy. 💖 Keep sharing your sparkly makes 🌟 to the #craftastherapy_twinkle feed, I’ll be back in the morning to inject your Monday with some sparkle🌠 and shine!


I don’t know about you folks, but one of my favourite things to #crochet is #amigurumi animals like these… but I have to admit, mine are never as gorgeous as these! The talented makers are:
I’ll be huddled under a blanket while working today, one of the beautiful benefits to working from home! Also, it means my uniform is leggings about 90% of the time! 😂 I hope you’re all having a fabulous start to your week! 🌠


Absolutely in awe of this sparkly #papercraft by @crafty_cc!! I’m lucky if I manage to scrawl my name on pre-made ones. 😂 This is such a lovely post from the #craftastherapy_twinkle feed that I might just feel inspired to up my game this year! Do you send #handmadeholiday cards?


Click here to watch above video
Does anything encapsulate the #craftastherapy_twinkle vibe more than #knitting my sparkly socks in front of the tree? 🎄(For once my hands aren’t absolutely covered in #yarn dye!!) Keep sharing lovelies, I’ll be back later! 😘


I love seeing hands making, whether it’s #knitting#crochet, or anything else. 😍 I couldn’t resist sharing these snaps from the #craftastherapy feed! Show the talented makers some love:
I’m hoping to get some serious sock knitting done tonight!


Oh my word, it’s a CHRIST-MOOSE. 😂 Many thanks to @ring_bellerfor sharing this little lady – did you know that make reindeer lose their horns before winter, but the females don’t? Therefore, all of Santa’s reindeer 🦌 are ladies! Keep sharing to the #craftastherapy_twinkle feed, I’ll be back with a grid later tonight


How do you choose colours? Sometimes when I’m feeling blue, I like to take a stroll through the #craftastherapy feed to feel inspired. It never fails to cheer me up, and today was no different! I’m loving these vibrant and unusual colour combos. These were made by:
I’m off to play the newest chapter of Life is Strange and #knit until I can’t see the stitches anymore. 😘


I’m almost done with my work, so that means I can sit and #knit and wander through the #craftastherapy_twinkle feed all day, right? I couldn’t resist sharing this – they’re my Christmas socks in progress, using my own #handdyed sparkle sock #yarn. Those candy canes don’t exist anymore, though, because I ate them. 😂


The festive feeling is really ramping up now! I’m reflecting on my year, and thinking about how lucky I am to be a part of this community. 💕 I’m really loving these green makes, it’s my favourite colour and very appropriate this time of year. Show the makers some love:
I’m headed to see STAR WARS tonight, have a peek at the Instagram story to see my finished sith socks 🙂

I’ve had an absolute blast this week with the #craftastherapy_twinkle theme. Your images were all so full of light and happiness that I have tons of warm fuzzies now. 💕

I’m now throwing the moderating over to Nat of @littlecosythings, who will have you until the end of December. She’s our queen moderator, so you’re in safe hands! 💕 -Angie @gamercrafting

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