CAT Week

CAT Week: 20 – 27 Jan with Annelies @annelies.leask


Hi everyone, I’m excited to be back in this lovely creative space. Thanks Jill @neverjillian for such a fun week, so wonderful to see the next generation of crafters enjoying what they love. 🎉

I’m borrowing my inspiration for this week’s theme from the wonderful #foreverfaffing hashtag (check it out if you haven’t before, so many beautifully styled shots). I love using my craft supplies, finished makes and wips to faff with, photograph and share and I’ve noticed you guys do too. So come and faff for fun with me this week using the tag #craftastherapy_faffing and you may get featured here on the main page.

And in case you haven’t come across the term ‘faffing’, as apparently it’s an informal British term, it’s defined as ‘spending time in ineffectual activity’ which of course if you’re faffing creatively could never be thought of as time-wasting. 😉💗

Annelies @annelies.leask 💕


Kicking off our week of #craftastherapy_faffing with these pretty and playful shots. It’s always good to make time to faff with flowers and yarn in my opinion. Thanks for joining in ladies. 🌼🌸🌺

TL: @trishlemoose
TR: @matuszka_i_jaguszka
BL: @deartomyartcreations
BR: @msjesschika –
Have a lovely Sunday!


And I’m back with a gorgeous selection of makes from the main #craftastherapy tag. Aren’t they all beautiful and I’ve totally fallen in love with these colours. 💗

TL: @virkhella
TR: @wearepommakers
BL: @yeah_laser
BR: @atelier_moune


There’s some seriously pretty faffing going on over on our new tag #craftastherapy_faffing! You guys are good!! Just look at these beauties. 😍

TL: @c_arolien
TR: @pop_i_dots
BL: @tangleandstitch
BR: @cottontalestoys –
Hope you all manage to find a bit of creative time in your busy Mondays. 💗


I totally need some new planters, @neverjillian wasn’t wrong about my plant addiction! 🌱🌿 #craftastherapy is not only handy for craft inspiration it’s great for home decor ideas too! 😉
Love all these fresh feeling photos. 🍁🍃

TL: @strandycat
TR: @hannahhandmakes
BL: @mielaerkerasmussen
BR: @habaname_it

Hope your Monday was kind to you.


Isn’t this floral arrangement by @chris.made.this just stunning. Definitely a very fine piece of faffing. 🌼🌿

If you would like to join in with this week’s theme just tag your faffing photos to #craftastherapy_faffing and do click through to take a look at all the wonderful creative images already there and spread the love.

Wishing you all a wonderful creative day.


Gorgeously soft colours in these fabulous faffing shots. So much pretty!! 🌸🍃🐭

TL: @ruthinthegarden
TR: @marykedolls
BL: @elfielori
BR: @crochetedbytess –

Happy crafting all.


Cute critters and crochet fruit! Aren’t those dish scrubbies fab! 🍋

TL: @flossandmischief
TR: @embolicsbonics
BL: @alpacagiftforewe
BR: @tinycurl

Have a crafty day everyone!


Faffing with cosy knits and pretty crochet. Aren’t these photos from #craftastherapy_faffing fabulous. I just love pink. 💗

TL: @homebylouise
TR: @crochetbyredagape
BL: @zipzipdreams
BR: @zamhandmade

Happy faffing folks!


Beautiful blues from #craftastherapy. Just look at all those cushions! 👌

TL: @berrak_fatih
TR: @diblossom
BL: @elealindadesign
BR: @rusulyak_toys

Have a lovely day folks!


Looking at these lovely creations from #craftastherapy_faffing is making me long for spring. 🌸🐇

TL: @ella_makes
BL: @fiber_lily
BR: @threadsnshreds –

Happy crafting everyone!


Hope you all manage to make time for yourself today to do a little of what you love. 🌸

Pretty yarn photo by @evacharlie_kreakaos. 💜

Happy Friday all!


Celebrating the end of the week with some happy pastel rainbows from #craftastherapy. 🌈

TL: @airyfairycari
TR: @theloopystitch
BL: @handdrawnyarn
BR: @tossedwave –

Happy Friday folks!


Who else just can’t resist organising rainbow colours in rainbow order (I know I can’t). This is my last collage from all the wonderful things tagged to #craftastherapy_faffing. Thank you so much to everyone who joined in, it’s been so much fun looking through your glorious faffing. I’ll be back shortly to hand you over to your lovely new moderator. 🌈

TL: @flossiecottage
TR: @hookonepurlone
BL: @fullyhooked
BR: @helenitajurisch –

Happy weekend!

Sadly my time with you lovely lot is up, thank you so much for having me, I’ve had so much fun! I’m leaving you in the creative care of the lovely Fiona @thedizzylimits who makes the cutest crochet toys and most gorgeous blankets amongst other things. Give her a big welcome! 💜

Until next time.
Annelies @annelies.leask 💕

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