CAT Week

CAT Week: 23 – 30 Dec with Nat @littlecosythings


Hello lovely CAT crafters!! 👋 i’m usually buzzing about behind the scenes, so always excited to be here for the week with you all! And we will be welcoming 2018 soon 🎉 but not before we reminisce of another wonderful, inspiring, crafty year we have had together.

Thank you to Angie @gamercrafting for her festive twinkle week ✨ we have an amazing team of moderators! I want to tell you a bit more about them all this week too, & have some fun things to share.

So no theme this week, we will be sharing ALL our makes to #craftastherapy ❤️ & i’ll be sharing as many as i can from there!

🌈❤️Nat xx

🎶 O Christmas tree, O Christmas Tree, how lovely are thy branches 🎶.. & how lovely are these crafty ornaments hanging from thy branches!! 😍🎄

I’m in Australia, it’s evening now on Christmas Eve & my twins are already snuggled in bed waiting for father christmas to come. Do you have any traditions on Christmas Eve? Would love to hear them!

Crafters pictured here are – @rosa_liefs@sixsparne @makingpolly & @heldesigncom

🌈 Nat xx


Merry Christmas to all of our wonderful #craftastherapy crafters! 🎄❤️ hoping you & your loved ones are having a special day!

This crafty christmas tree is by @intheyarngarden 🎄

🌈 Nat xx


Phew. And just like that, Christmas is done for another year! I hope you all had a special day ❤️ Just one more sneaky collage to share some festive makes 😉🎄 as it comes around only once a year. Tomorrow i am planning to pack up all my decorations. How long do you wait?

The festive crafters featured here are – @craftygibbon @crafty_cc @judithhaekelt@whimsyhen @bykirsti @ring_beller@flamingpot

🌈 Nat xx


🌈 “Creativity is the way i share my soul with the world” – Brene Brown 🌈 the perfect quote share by @artesanato_pontosdeamor (bottom left) 👌 & i’m loving the creativity in these makes by our CAT crafters – @hookonepurlone @bluecatcrochet@mervedenlikol@artesanato_pontosdeamor thanks for sharing!

🌈 Nat xx


He’s pink, he’s fluffy, he has wings.. & i think he’s adorable! This pink angel is made by Lilia @liliksha 💕 she wrote that it took her 4 years to finally finish him, & i’m so happy you did 😊 thank you for sharing him with us!

🌈 Nat xx


Pink is, without a doubt, my favourite colour. It sings to me, my eyes are instantly drawn to anything pink, & i cannot resist 💕 & i adore pink & yellow together too. Although rainbow is my favorite colour combination of all 🌈 is there such thing as a spirit colour? If there is, then mine is pink. Does a certain colour sing a tune for you too? i hope so, otherwise i most definitely sound like a bit of a looney right now 😂🤪

These beautiful pink makes sung to me from the #craftastherapy gallery, thank you to these makers for creating their sweet song – @thata_pang@hello_jessimo 💕


Now let’s add a sprinkle of yellow sunshine to the @craftastherapyfeed ☀️💛 thank you to – @me.n.yarn@theresascrochetshop @crochetgirl99@berrak_fatih for sharing your happy yellow makes!

🌈 Nat xx


Lee @cococrochet_lee & her daughter Emma-Noël, show us the magic of crochet & yarn ✨ love love love this!!! Thanks for sharing with #craftastherapy Lee @cococrochet_lee 💕

🌈 Nat xx


Here are nine #craftastherapy makers, nine most popular makes for 2017 😅 phew, i think that makes sense? So much fun! Are you counting down to 2018? i know my list of “new crafts i must try” for 2018 is rapidly growing 🤣

Click here to see the original post & the tagged makers

🌈 Nat xx


The #craftastherapy 2017 best nine 😍 Thank you to ALL of our CAT Crafters for sharing your makes with us in 2017 & for joining our community! We have some exciting things to share in 2018, as @craftastherapy grows & blossoms!

My last post, i’ll be handing over to your next mod now, who will officially welcome the new #craftastherapy year! 🎉❤️ yay!

Pictured crafters – @tangleandstitch@peachtreecrochet @wendicrocheter@bqueencollection @little_knots_@ring_beller @stitchgwen@sallytennilledoig @mamlik_

i will now say farewell 👋 & welcome our next mod.. the wonderfully talented & lovely Amanda @yarn_house 💕

Make sure you keep watching the @craftastherapy stories, as i’ll continue to share more about our moderators, & some very exciting things in 2018 too!! You won’t want to miss it 🙊😍 LOTS of crafty goodness coming in the new year, plus we will kick off our 100k celebrations 🎉🎉 woo! Oh & don’t forget to visit our blog too –

Love this community!!
🌈❤️ Nat xx

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