CAT Week

CAT Week: 27 Jan – 3 Feb with Fiona @thedizzylimits


I’m so glad to be back again! Thanks so much Annelies @annelies.leask for a fabulous week and delightful welcome!

Hope you’re all well. I’m looking forward to an awesome week with you all.
I’ll be sharing from the #craftastherapy tag this week as I move through a busy week with the almost 5yr old and 2mth old.
Excuse the sleep deprived posts and odd hours this week 😂😀
I’ll be up in just a few short hours to highlight some clever makers! xx



Hello again! I told you I’d be here at odd hours 🙈 my lovely chap gave me a sleep in this morning so I didn’t get back here as early as I’d planned. Sorry if you’ve been waiting!
I’m trying to survive the excruciating heat in Melbourne today and scrolling through the #craftastherapy tag is a great way to do it.
TL: @ervamaulita
TR: @hankandhook
BL: @carinacolour
BR: @carinacolour
Thanks so much for sharing your crafts and hope you’re all having a fabulous day.
I’ll be back later today xx


I just love embroidery. It’s something I’ve only dabbled in a little bit but I really hope to pick it up again this year.
These are such beautiful examples of gorgeous thread and work.
Thanks so much for sharing!
TL: @rosaechocolat
TR: @sewjenaissance
BL: @manuart_4
BR: @auburnhoops
I’ll be back tomorrow…have a fabulous day/night.
It’s after midnight so I’m hoping for a little bit of sleep before morning. Good luck to all you other mamas xx


I seem to have taken a while to get back to you all. It’s been one of those “Mum life” type of days.
We have a cool change in Melbourne tonight so I’m very thankful for that…
And for these bright spots in the gallery.
Hope you’ve had a fabulous Monday and thanks for sharing your work!
TL: @whereanniewanders
TR: @kerryandtheboys
BL: @oneofakindyarns
BR: @thelittlebeenz

I’ll pop back again soon xx


Have you seen these? A new flower pattern every day. I’ve been intending to make some but never get a chance. It’s so pretty seeing them all pop up in my feed!
Do you ever jump board these spur of the moment type things or do you prefer to watch from the sidelines? I definitely like to get involved in all the pretty I see. Which may be the reason I have WIPs or a list of must makes a mile long 😳🙄 Thanks so much Emily for sharing your makes and patterns, so pretty @theloopystitch


I do love some amigurumi and toy making. I think it might be my favourite thing to crochet.
How cute are these guys? I have that little lion and the snowdrop on my list of toys to make…one day. My girls have got a growing menagerie!

Which one I’d these is your favourite?

It’s very early morning here. Hope you’re having a great night or morning wherever you are.
I’ll be back later today to say hi

TL: @bartadas
TR: @jemijemi.craft
BL: @shumigurumi
BR: @lienlovescrochet


Who here likes round and who likes square?
I love the circular…I mean not always and I don’t hate on squares at all but I guess circles and round things draw me in. They can be mesmerising.
I picked out a few lovely round pieces for you to enjoy too.
Have you entered the giveaway we’re running? There are giveaways happening all week. Make sure you check out the stories to enter!

Thanks for sharing your work with us
TL: @slwatt86
TR: @knoopkracht
BL: @coseandhome
BR: @amycrochets


Good evening all!
Is it just me or is the year flying by really quickly? I’d love to say I’m trying to embrace summer before it disappears and we’re in the thick of cold winter weather wishing for summer. But frankly I’m a bit scared we’ll have another heatwave or 3 before it’s done. It wouldn’t be the first time 😂
I was taking a stroll through the #craftastherapy tag and wow there are some fabulous works in there. Like these.
Thanks so much for sharing…
TL: @andintothetrees
TR: @geekirumi
BL: @rarepearstudio
BR: @mountaindolls


After quite a long day it’s been nice relaxing with the #craftastherapytag. So much inspiration there.
It’s Friday here, which means one thing to this Mum! Dad is isn’t working and there is another set of hands to help.
What are you going to get up to this weekend?

And thank you for sharing your work
TL: @monigurumi
TR: @tinyhooknook
BL: @flo_and_dot
BR: @thepatchworkheart


Hello and so sorry I’ve been a bit delayed. Finding the right time to post when I won’t be interrupted by feeding, sleeping, crafting or cuddling children is easier said than done.
I was only going to post once more before handing over to your next fabulous mod and hostess but I’ve got a few more shots I wanted to share 🙈 so we’ll see.
How has your weekend been? Your Friday? Hopefully cruisey and stress free. And full of fabulous crafting.
Please take a moment to delight in the beautiful colours and creations here…such clever people about.
TL: @alittlerayofcrochet
TR: @sewfarmquilter
BL: @pelicancrafts
BR: @handdrawnyarn


One very last grid showcasing some of your beautiful work and shots. I couldn’t resist because I do really love the colour at the moment…and the monochrome!
Thank you so very much for sharing yourselves with us
TL: @fibulapulchra
TR: @littlebagofyarn
BL: @jazzzhandmadecreations
BR: @snuggly.hook

I’d like to thank you all for hanging out with me this week, especially as my posting was a bit all over the place at times 😂
I really enjoyed myself and hope you did too.
I’d like to introduce you to and hand over to the very talented (her mandalas and motifs are amazeballs and I’m hanging out already for this to be made into a pattern!) Sandra @mobiusgirl
Enjoy your week with Sandra, I’m sure we’re in for a wonderful time.
And if you get the chance, scroll through the #craftastherapy tag, we have so many talented people posting there.
Until next time xx

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