CAT Week

CAT Week: 6 – 13 Jan with Nicola @hookandtwist


Hello lovely craftastherapy-ers! Thanks Amanda @yarn_house for a beautiful wintery week.
It’s a sweltering 40 degree Celsius day here in New South Wales, Australia, so I’m wishing I could have some of that cool winter weather here!


This week’s CAT theme is #craftastherapy_somethingspecial. It might be special for all sorts of reasons. Maybe it’s special yarn you’d been saving, maybe it’s for a special person, maybe it’s the first time you’ve made something like it. Whatever the reason, share your make and tell us the story of why it’s something special. I can’t wait to see!
I’ll start us off with this pic of my Rainbow Confetti Blanket. It’s something special to me because it’s going to be my first pattern that I release! It’s only a simple C2C pattern but I’m super excited and I’m ticking it off my list of goals for 2018! I look forward to sharing all your something specials too 😊
Nicola @hookandtwist


Well how’s this for a beautiful start to our new theme? Something special indeed! Jackie @bloomthreads has created this lovely piece with her chosen ‘focus word’ for the new year ahead.

Pop over to her original post to read all the wonderful background to the piece. I love the idea of choosing a word as a new year focus rather than setting resolutions. Have you set yourself a word for this year? I haven’t but maybe I should!

I’ll be back later with more from our #craftastherapy_somethingspecial theme as well as our #craftastherapy feed.

Have a lovely day!


I love the stories behind these ‘something special’! Head over to their original posts to see for yourself (you won’t believe the journey that blanket has been on 😯!) .
TL (happy anniversary 💐)
TR @neverjillian
BL @stitchgwen
BR @msjesschika .
Thank you for sharing your #craftastherapy_somethingspecial 👏


There are always so many beautiful creations when you browse the #craftastherapy tag. These lovelies all together feel like a gentle hug don’t they? 💗
BL @tlyarncrafts
TR @safa.crochet
MR @themessybrunette
BR @portibon
Keep sharing your #craftastherapy_somethingspecial and I’ll pop back later to share more with you.


Believe it, it’s true! 💛

📷 @cottontalestoys


I do love these colours! 💙➕💚

Thank you for sharing:
TL @hello_bydaisy
TR @kleinmaarfijn_anique
BL @mel3006_
BR @birgithaakt
If you’re ever feeling in need of inspiration, search the #craftastherapy tag. Warning: you may lose several hours of your day though! #worthit 😆


Gifts for babies and loved ones are always something special 💕

TL @craftn_crochet
TR @yarnandthecat
BL @stitchedupcraft
BR @samjaynestreet


There’s nothing like a rainbow to brighten up your day! 🌈🌈🌈

TL @littlebudcreations
TR @prettyhookeduk
BL @littlecosythings
BR @myheartbelongstoireland .


Eek! I love these something special pics so much 😍

TL @deartomyartcreations
TR @loisandmay
BL @kamalicrochet
BR @lejardindeceline .
It’s almost the end of this week’s #craftastherapy_somethingspecial theme so if you haven’t yet shared yours, please do! I love seeing them so much.


My last something special share for the week and I couldn’t resist this little cutie, Jimmy the goat wizard 😍 🐐 🧙‍♂️
Thanks for sharing him with us @ring_beller!
Have a magical day everyone!

As is absolutely always the way, my week with you has flown by! .
Thank you to everyone who shared their special makes with us. .
It gives me great pleasure to hand you over to the beautiful and talented Jill @neverjillian! I love Jill’s work and can’t wait to see her theme for the upcoming week!

Many thanks for having me and see you next time!

Nicola @hookandtwist 😊❤️

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