Unicorns, Dragons & More Fantasy Amigurumi

Unicorns, Dragons & more fantasy amigurumi

Compilation between Multiple Designers
Published by Meteoor Books

Whip out your crochet hook and summon your coziest chair: the crochet spells in this brand-new collection will work their magic to bring 14 fantastical amigurumi to life!

14 charming creatures from all corners of your imagination will now spirit you away to their magical world. But be careful not to leave your yarn case open: we wouldn’t want Harriet the Pegasus come crashing through the roof, or Drake the Dragon accidentally setting your new book on fire! Luckily Lily the Water Nymph is always there to lend a helping hand, and Pinch the Goblin can fix anything in exchange for a crochet coin. And there’s much more to discover!

Beginners as well as advanced crocheters can conjure up these adorable fantasy creatures with a swish and flick of their hooks. All patterns are accompanied by easy-to-follow instructions as well as explanations of all stitches used. They’re easily customizable, so it’s a small step to imagine your very own enchanting amigurumi!

unicorns & dragonsAvailable Here – Amigurumi Patterns/All Crochet Patterns/Meteoor Books

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