Emma @steelandstitch

Emma @steelandstitch – CAT Moderator

Name: Emma

Instagram: @steelandstitch & @stitchcraftandscissory


Where you live: Sussex, UK
What craft is your therapy?: Crochet, but I find that I have to be making something, whether it’s drawing, painting, sewing, knitting, building, you name it! (Except for mosaic, I loathe mosaicing as I’m horrible at it!)

How long have you been crafting for?: Quite literally as long as I can remember.

Tea or coffee?: Tea tea tea!

Favourite quote: “Your brain is designed to keep you alive. It doesn’t give a sh*t about your happiness” Ruby Wax – this was the most liberating thing I’ve ever read, especially when coming to terms with having PTSD

Your CAT story: Crafting and crochet is something I turned to find respite from PTSD, it’s something I’ve always done, but became a real life line during difficult times. Even though I’m now almost completely recovered, it’s still the most important ‘time out’ that I have, even though it’s now my full time job!