Fiona @millefleurs13

Instagram: @millefleurs13

Where do you live: I live in a small suburb of Perth, Western Australia – not on the coast, nor in the hills but somewhere in between.
What craft is your therapy?: I enjoy a lot of crafts but Crochet is my number one.

How long have you been crafting for?: My interest in craft didn’t start until I was in my early twenties. It all began with a friend asking me to go to an embroidery workshop to learn the very pretty grub rose/bullion stitch. Many more craft workshops followed … silk ribbon embroidery, decoupage, paper-tole, wool embroidery, teddy bear making. There was quite a long spell where there was no crafting until a little over 3 years ago another friend suggested we learn how to crochet and with a big thank you to her, I discovered my ‘Happy Place’.

Tea or Coffee?: I feel strange saying neither but I do love Hot Chocolate in Winter and Iced Chocolate in Summer.

Your CAT Story: I think I embraced crochet so much because it enabled me to escape, clear my mind, develop more patience and also to relax at times when life in general has challenging moments. I think it has made me a calmer person. It has also helped in coping with the sadness of my Mums passing – I would love to show her the things I have crocheted.

I love the variety crochet offers and my two favourite things to make are crochet covered stones and the special cards I make for family and friends.