Fiona @thedizzylimits

f1Instagram: @thedizzylimits

Where do you live: An ever growing suburb in Melbourne, Australia. In an area that was a country town until not too long ago. I’m so close to the country hills it’s fabulous.

What craft is your therapy?: Anything that I sit down and let my mind go with. Crochet and photography have been my biggest loves though. I need to do one or both each day. They’re what I turn to when I want to create or need to switch off. Or relax. If I had to choose I’d say crochet. There’s something about the feel of yarn in your hand and seeing things come to life that I love.

How long have you been crafting for?: Forever. I have always enjoyed making/crafting but haven’t always been brave enough or thought myself capable, of trying things without knowing exactly how to do them well. Or to trust in my abilities. I think everyone can create, you just have to find your brave, sample things and find the right time in your life.

I remember attempting crochet, knitting, sewing, calligraphy, origami, copperart (all the rage in the 80’s), latchhook, long stitch, painting, woodwork, photography, baking, sewing. Many of these were when I was school age, but I do love trying new things 🙈

Tea or coffee?: Coffee. But tea is always awesome

Favourite quote: There came a time when the risk to remain tight in the bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.

Your CAT story: I only fairly recently started using craft as a therapy and I wish I’d realised the benefits earlier. I mentioned in a post recently that to love to craft and create because it gives me time to breathe, to think, to focus on something other than a problem, difficulty or dilemma I’m facing & gives me time to be me. I share this time with my daughter now too at times. If we’re having a tough day, a craft session always lifts the spirits and can usually set us/me right. Even for a short time.

I have always been anxious. And when I’m anxious or stressed I can refocus and breath and create and then things don’t seem as bad. Always. I really started creating more passionately when I had my little, a way to give her something. A way to connect with people, initially through photography on IG. But it so quickly became my time. My time to feel alive, and creative and free of worry.

And the beauty of creating/crafting is that even if it is a therapy, there is output. And sometimes (usually) a great gift for others. Win win 😀