Jane @queenbabs

Instagram: @queenbabs

Website: http://yarnbombersunited.weebly.com/queen-babs.html

Where you live: I live in the culturally diverse, indigenously strong Redfern in Sydney, Australia on the landsof the Gadigal people of the Eora nation. I love it.

What craft is your therapy?: I began to crochet and yarnbomb in 2013, but creativity is a way of life over my 50 years. It is not a hobby. Regardless of the medium over the years: yarn, paper, paint, photography, beads, etc, I MUST make and create or explode! I breathe, create things and share them to make people happy. That’s my purpose in this world.

Tea or coffee?: Tea every day, coffee occasionally.
Favourite quote: “Courage does not always roar. Sometimes, courage is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying, “I will try again tomorrow”.” Mary Anne Radmacher. One of my very first free Crochet patterns is the Courage Flower.

Your CAT story: In regards to yarnbombing, I started out wanting to add colour, make the streets beautiful and make people smile, now I work towards lifting the spirits of my community and the wider community who see and read about my yarn adventures. Sharing my personal challenges with invisible and chronic illness and using craft as a therapy for myself has become part of my day. I use my work to raise awareness, encouraging others, spread kindness and hopefully inspire happiness.

I hope I can continue working towards lifting the spirits of not only my community, but anyone who passes my yarnbombs, receives a lovebomb or sees my photographs around the world. Regardless of personal challenges, even maybe even because of them, I aim to inspire us all to be kinder and happier. Together we can make Australia and the world a better place…one ball of yarn at a time.