Marianne @marretjeroos

Instagram: @marretjeroos


Book: Colorful Crochet

FREE CAT Patterns:
Pom Pom Poncho 

Where do you live: I live near Amsterdam, The Netherlands, with my husband and two kids (16 and 20), our sweet cat Isa and black-lab Mila-the-Wonderdog (best assistant ever)

What craft is your therapy: any craft, but crochet is definitely my number 1

How long have you been crafting for: I remember I was very creative as a child, but somehow that got lost as I grew up. In the mid-nineties I slowly started to rekindle my creative side again, and there’s been no stopping me ever since I picked up a crochet hook again in 2010!

Tea of coffee: love tea, but it’s coffee for sure!

Favorite quotes: “Creativity is Intelligence having Fun” (Einstein), and “You cannot use up Creativity. The more you use it, the more you have” (Maya Angelou) so true!

Your CAT Story: Being creative makes me very happy – always! I not only love the fact that I’m making something that I can – mostly, not always 😉 – be very proud of, but it’s also the whole process of making. This puts me and my mind at easy – the almost mindful making while doing either something complicated that needs my full attention, or the repetitiveness of a pattern is wonderfully relaxing.

After I picked up crochet again, I was surprised to find out that being creative is where my true passion lies, and I’m so thankful for that.

As it turns out it’s also the perfect therapy for someone with a chronic illness – I love the feeling of achievement I get when I make something I really like. And when I found out I’m not the only one: woohaa! It’s fantastic to share my passion for making with like-minded people from all over the world, who – thanks to the internet – I can connect and interact with; they’re the nicest tribe I could have wanted to belong to!

Being creative has brought me much to be extremely happy about: the happiness while making, finding crafty friends (near and far), a blog, a new career, and soon….a book! Truly amazing….. really!

My advice – try to do more of what makes you happy; use all the creativity you have!