Marit @maritparit

Instagram: @maritparit

Where do you live?: I live on a a small island just outside Ålesund, called Valderøy. There is approx 4.300 people living on it.

How long have you been crafting for?: i have been crafting my entire life. I grew up with amazing role models. And my parents always backed me up when I wanted to learn something new. But I never managed to learn crochet. I studied the diagrams, they made sense. I saw the finished pieces. They made sense. But when I was given a hook and yarn. I felt like an idiot (everybody said “oh. You will learn it in no time”. Yeah right. I used years. And almost gave up). But a friend of mine 7 years ago approx) took her time to show me. So I could see it in real life. Than it made sense. It was like that missing piece of a puzzle.

Tea or Coffee?: I drink lots of coffee. Sometimes tea.

Your favourite craft?: That’s a hard one. I have crafted lots. But crochet. That’s the only craft that lets me say exactly what I want. Without being transparent. I learned this craft at a point when I really needed it. It let me clear my head. And find focus. Sometimes life gives you unexpected challenges. And you need to rethink your whole situation. And have plan A, B and C ready before you walk out the door. Some go for long hikes in the Norwegian mountains to find inner peace and strength. I crochet.